Master BiWEM Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

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In a context of natural resource depletion, environmental and public health crises related to air and water pollution, pressures on energy supplies, the master Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials (BiWEM), 100% taught in English, provides a state-of-the-art education in the fields of clean technology (including bioenergy, material recovery and valorization, waste to energy), resource diagnostic, integrated strategies for designing and managing economically and environmentally sustainable energy systems.

Academic courses are developed and delivered by world-class faculty from IMT Mines Albi, national and international academic partners as well as by top-level industry professionals.

What you will study

Strong emphasis is placed on dealing with process engineering and computational modeling with due consideration of sustainable development, policies as well as environmental and socio-economic issues. Advanced scientific experimental and computational methods and creative thinking methods are applied to identify, describe, quantify and find solutions to industrially-relevant engineering problems in the field of energy and environment.

Another particular focus is put on the innovative and entrepreneurial aspects, especially related to how innovation can be fostered and brought to the market in different countries with due concerns about corporate social responsibility.

This dual approach is particularly sought after by companies and will be a real asset for your career.

Learning outcomes and career opportunities

Participants gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of biofuel technologies as well as renewable energy and the biomaterial market, proficiency in process design and assessment as well as in the management of complex systems with a circular economy mindset. The end-of-study internship that can be done in a company or in a public research lab allows interns to further consolidate the knowledge being taught and the skills acquired.

Consequently, BiWEM prepares executives, engineers, environmental consultants as well as future researchers for international careers in the field of renewable energy and environment. BiWEM master degree is also a natural access to a PhD in France or abroad. This professionally oriented program is thus specifically designed for students who would like to become major player in climate and social changes and to be at the forefront of decision-making in the field of Waste and Biomass Valorization.


Registrations up to June 2018


Student story!

Aldo from Mexico talks about his experience as an international student in Master BiWEM of IMT Mines Albi


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