Master Of Science (MSc) : Supply Chain And LEan management (SCALE)

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This new Master Of Science (100 % taugh in English) is conjointly proposed by l'Ecole des Mines d'Albi and Toulouse Business School. This program (MSc) is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE).


Supply Chain management is concerned with the global management of physical and information flows for the elaboration of products : from raw materials and suppliers through the production and distribution system down to the final consumers. Lean management deals with the continual removal of wastes in processes, with the aim of making them more efficient and responsive, thereby increasing the firm’s competitiveness. In the globalized and complex world of today, a necessary and sufficient condition to achieve a high level of competitiveness is to train managers with multiple competencies. This is the reason why this MSc program is designed around three disciplines: supply chain management, lean management, and project management. It also adopts a professional approach by incorporating four international professional certificates.

Course Aims

This MSc aims to give a competitive edge to students and young professionals willing to rapidly take up management positions in the fields of supply chain, operations, lean, and project management, in a global, multicultural and constantly evolving business environment.


This is a one-year and a half full-time program divided into three semesters: courses over 2 semesters followed by an internship of one semester in a company or in a research laboratory The program is composed of 8 teaching units that include the preparation for 4 professional certificates (APICS’s BSCM, PMI’s CAPM, IIBLC’s Green Belt, and DDI’s CDDP).

1. Supply Chain Management

• Materials management
• Supply chain coordination
• Basics of SCM (BSCM certification)
• Principles of sourcing, procurement and purchasing

2. Demand Chain Management

• Sales forecasting
• Marketing and Logistics management
• Pricing and Yield management
• Distribution, Transportation, and Physical Internet
• Reverse logistics

3. Lean Management

• Business process management
• Quality management and performance assessment
• Lean-6 sigma (Green Belt certification)

4. Enterprise and Network Management

• Accounting and Finance Management
• Strategy and Marketing
• Network coordination

5. Project Management

• Basics of-project management (CAPM certification)
• Lean project management
• Collaborative project management

6. Decision Support Systems

• Quantitative models and simulation
• Information systems
• Demand-driven MRP (CDDP certification)

7. Personal Development
• Communication and team management
• Reflective and learning diary
• Foreign languages and European culture

8. MSc Thesis
• 6-month MSc thesis in industry or in research lab (France or international).

The program also includes company visits and seminars.


Most of the classes will be held on the main campus of Toulouse Business School, located in the center of Toulouse, the capital city of the French southwestern region of Midi-Pyrénées, ranked among the 12 most dynamic European regions and enjoys a very active and supportive framework. The Midi-Pyrénées is known worldwide for its businesses and research platforms in aerospace, agriculture and health sectors. Toulouse is the center of the European aerospace industry, with the headquarters of Airbus and many other aerospace companies. Toulouse is consistently ranked high in the cities in which students prefer to study (taking 2nd place behind Paris in 2013). Some classes will be held on the campus of Mines Albi, located in Albi, a city 80 kilometers from Toulouse. Commuting between the two cities is quite easy and will be taken care of by the school.

Albi city is part of UNESCO’s World heritage.

Admission requirements

Participants must hold a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in any field (engineering, sciences, management, economics…).

French candidates are expected to have an academic level that corresponds to the first year (M1) of French Masters programs.

Language requirements

• Mother tongue or
• Bachelor degree taught in English or
• English test such as TOEFL IBT 80, IELTS 6.5, TOEIC 800, Cambridge CAE

No prerequisite in French, but TEF II or an equivalent level may be required to obtain a visa.

Strong Points of the School Program
• Mines Albi is accredited by the Ministry of Industry
• TBS is triple-accredited: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA
• The MSc is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
• 4 international certifications are included in the MSc
• International Faculty
• Masters taught entirely in English and in small groups
• Strong links with the industries
• 6-month master thesis in industry or in a research lab
• Intercultural seminars
• Free French language courses
• MSc boosted by reputed research departments
• An international team for international students
• A quality-chartered “Welcome to
• International Students” package

Competencies Acquired
• The high-level technical and management skills necessary for the management of supply chains, logistics and lean operations in the manufacturing or service industries
• An advanced training in Operations Research and Decision-making techniques applied to supply chain management
• An in-depth knowledge of industrial systems operations management, production, transport and logistics in all sectors of economic activity
• The ability to manage complex innovative projects in an international environment
• The opportunity to put into practice the theoretical concepts in a real industrial environment or conduct a research project aimed at developing innovations in the area
• The opportunity to learn French and acquire some French culture
• The opportunity to enter a high-level career in industry or to continue for the preparation of a doctoral thesis

Typical Job
• Supply Chain Manager
• Supply Chain Consultant
• Supply Chain Planner
• Supply Chain Analyst
• Lean Project Manager
• Continuous Improvement Manager
• Project Manager for supply chain development
• Procurement or Purchasing Manager
• Logistics Manager
• Operations Manager


One intake per year in September.
• Year 1 : Two academic semesters at Toulouse Business School.
• Year 2 : 6-month Master thesis in industry and/or in a research lab.
Application fee : 150 € (non-refundable) 
16,500 € for the complete MSc. program (3 semesters). This tuition cost includes the enrolment fees for the 4 professional certificates  (BSCM, CDDP, CAPM, Yellow Belt). 

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