Admission grande école program

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Mines Albi is possible at all levels of study and under different status. You can join Mines Albi as a visiting (exchange) student or as a regular student, for graduation.


Language requirements

To apply to Mines Albi, students must provide proof of French language proficiency (minimum A2) with an official certification (TCF, DELF, DALF, TFI). Students have the opportunity to take part in an intensive French language and culture course during the summer break before the academic year starts. All the international students continue with half-day French clases training every week.


These international students will follow the same curriculum as local students. They are expected to graduate from Mines Albi and can be eligible for their home university’s degree as well under a double degree agreement.

Individual applying

Individual candidates (free movers) applying directly for admission to Mines Albi coming from universities that do not have agreements with Mines Albi will be selected according to the same criteria by a special Jury of our establishment, chaired by the Director of the school or the designed vice-Director.

  • Admission in 1st year (L3)

Admission to 1st year of our school, L3 is organized at national level for students having spent 2 years in preparatory classes.

This competitive exam, called "Concours SPE", is common with other "Ecoles des Mines".

Registrations are done on line at between the beginning of December and mid-January.

If you’ve already begun your studies in France and you have a French bachelor's degree, you can also apply directly to the school. Your admission will be on file and interview.

  • Admission in 2nd year (M1)

Students holding a Bachelor of science or engineering can apply directly for the M1 year sending your file records and dipomas . The application process will be followed by an individual interview.

Deadline for application: Before 2 may 2017

For more information, please contact


Applying under partner agreement

Admission in 2nd year (M1)

Candidates coming from partner universities are selected according to a decentralized IMT or selection process conducted according to the current agreements between their home university and us. Most of the time, this process is conducted at their home university. The selection process is based on a paper application (motivation letter, CV, academic results, administrative documents) and includes an interview, often completed by a written mathematics and physics examination. The joint Admissions jury evaluates each candidate’s academic ability, goals and character before making their final decision.

Mines Albi has created partnerships with foreign universities for students who can attend the courses in French language. Joining this program, foreign students get the French "Mines Albi Graduate Engineering Degree" together with the diploma of their home university (usually a Master degree).


These students are admitted in the framework of collaboration agreements signed previously between their home university and us.

Exchange student is one who enrolls up to one year in classes or in a specific research internship at Mines Albi while pursuing a degree at a partner university that will recognize the credits (ECTS) at the end of the exchange.

Deadline for application

Autumn semester = (from september to january): 30 april           

Spring semester= (from january to may): November 15


If you are interested in joining the School as an exchange or regular student, please contact the international office of your own university for more information.



One year of tuition at Mines Albi costs about 15 000 € per student.
However, students at Mines Albi benefit from a government subsidy scheme which considerably reduce the cost of tuition according to their status.

  • Full time engineering diploma program for regular foreign student : 8 300€ for the 2 years. This is payable in two installments of  4150 € at the beginning of each year.
  • Double degree students and exchange students ( under specific agreements) according to the signed agreements double degree and exchange students pay tuition fees to their home institution. There is no tuition fees paid to the host institution except school fees to cover course materials, visits.