Adpharming : A global vision of drug development, manufacturing and logistics

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The fast growing pharmerging markets will worth 50% of the global pharmaceutical market in 2020, with an annual growth of 15% a year.

This involves that most pharmaceutical companies will have to increase their production and supply chain, in agreement with the international regulations, and to develop new dosage forms, according to the best world standards.
To satisfy the growing needs of this dynamic sector, enroll in the ADPHARMING (Advanced pharmaceutical engineering) master designed by Mines Albi for you. Pilot and boost your career in the world pharmaceutical industry. Mines Albi have more than 20 years of experience in the field of Pharmaceutical Engineering, both in education and research (Rapsodee CNRS UMR 5302), and a strong academic an industrial network.

Your path to exciting careers

ADPHARMING course will offer challenging opportunities for young students interested in the pharmaceutical industry. It has the ambition to train them and produce experts and skilled managers for the pharmaceutical industry. Today, making the critical decision needs a global high-level training including science, technology, quality, management, regulatory knowledge, sustainability and know-how in the pharmaceutical field. ADPHARMING will aim at developing this new kind of leaders, for Galenic R & D, drug production, lean management, logistics and supply chain…

Choosing ADPHARMING will allow you to pilot and boost your career in the pharmaceutical industry with a high return on investment.

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Student story!

Carla from Mexico talks about her experience as an international student in Master Adpharming of IMT Mines Albi

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