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As an integral part of the academic research environment, the laboratories carry out high-quality scientific studies, which in turn lead to an active publication policy. They also develop partnerships and contract-based arrangements with research institutes and industrial firms working in their field of expertise.

A center of excellence for research centers:

The RAPSODEE research center dedicated to energy, environment and the science and technology of particulate solids

The Clément Ader Institute focusing on research on mechanical and material science engineering with a particular emphasis in aeronautics and space applications

The research Center for Industrial Engineering devoted to the organization and management of supply chains, development of mathematical tools and software for system engineering

In recognition of the scientific excellence and quality within industry research partnerships, RAPSODEE and ICA became shared research units between CNR and Mines Albi and the laboratories of Mines Albi were awarded the prestigious "Carnot" ranking, a label delivered to elite research groups in France conducting industry-oriented research.

Today, about 50% of our doctoral and post-doctoral students come from abroad. We develop the international engagement and recognition of our research by continuing to organise yearly international conferences, enlarging our participation in international and EU projects, and increasing international publications.

The development of joint international research teams and laboratories as well as the growing number of visiting professors will strengthen our position at the international level. Due also to the new investments in the technological and pilot platforms GALA, MIMAUSA, VALTHERA and to the quality of the campus life in Albi, Mines Albi is an attractive option for studying and research.