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Discover the world

Mines Albi encourages its students to experience another culture at first hand by living and studying abroad but also by training and sharing housing on its campus with the students coming from abroad.





The school offers numerous different opportunities in several countries for all students. Achieving a significant international experience during undergraduate and graduate studies is compulsory for obtaining the Mines Albi engineering diploma.

An increasing number of students recognize the importance of spending a semester or a year studying in another country as a part of their university and life experience. Mines Albi applies the ECTS rules and details your international experience in the diploma supplement.

Particularly interesting are the double diploma programs, signed with prestigious universities from a large number of countries in all continents. They offer you the possibility to acquire complementary expertise and skills, recognized by a second university diploma delivered abroad. In the framework of these agreements, you have to study successfully for two years at the partner university.

Living and studying abroad is the optimal way to practice languages, experience cultures and develop skills that a classroom setting will never provide.

In addition, international experiences enhance the value of your degree: students with international backgrounds increasingly interest employers.

International internships

International internships are an excellent way of differentiating you from the competition.

They offer you the possibility to gain valuable work experience and to determine a potential interest in a particular career or company. During your stay, a member of staff from the host company and a professor of the school jointly supervise your work, your internship can be validated for international experience, as required.

The host company usually pays students during their internship.


Language training is a key feature of the education offered each semester by Mines Albi. Experienced native-speaker teachers deliver all language courses.

In addition to English, each student has to learn a foreign language chosen from e.g. German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic… At the end of the study program students are expected to attain a TOEIC score of 820.