International masters

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The strategy of “Mines Albi “ is always actively turned towards the evolution and current trends and needs of engineering and management experts  in the global industrial world, which straightforwardly sets up its research fields and the high level training proposed in close cooperation with corporate partners.

The growing internationalisation led the school and its network to offer a wide range of master taught in English to facilitate the integration of its non French speaking international students, strengthen its international attractiveness and reach a leading position in terms of high level, research and industry connected engineering education.

These masters are focused on specific sectors of its expertise fields, in relation with all competitiveness clusters in the Midi Pyrenees region and research areas such as Bio-Health Engineering & Energetics, Aeronautical, Space & Embedded Systems, Management & Industrial Enginnering.   

Recruitment process for our masters

International Masters

MSc Aeromat-Innovation : AeroMat • Innovation, proposed in partnership with Telecom Ecole de Management in Paris-Evry, offers challenging opportunities to students interested in developing careers in the aerospace industry with both technological (innovation) and managerial skills.

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MSc Biwem : The circular economy is becoming day after day a new development strategy for nations. Better eco-design, waste prevention and reuse bring significant net savings for businesses, while also reducing environmental harm. Using resources more efficiently brings new growth and job opportunities. The master BiWEM (Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials) was created to satisfy the growing needs of this dynamic sector.

MSc AdPharming : To satisfy the growing needs of the dynamic sector of pharmerging markets, enroll in the ADPHARMING (Advanced pharmaceutical engineering) master designed by Mines-Albi for you. Pilot and boost your career in the world pharmaceutical industry.

MSc SCALE : This MSc aims to give a competitive edge to students and young professionals willing to rapidly take up management positions in the fields of supply chain, operations, lean, and project management, in a global, multicultural and constantly evolving business environment.

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