Life at our school

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Being a full-time student at Mines Albi is not just an academic experience; it is a way of life. As part of an extremely talented pool of students, who all bring a diverse range of experiences, you will be immersed in a culture of innovation, collaboration, networking and socializing.

A dynamic setting

The inspirational campus was designed by the famous architect, Martin Robain, renowned for his landmark commissions such as the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the innovative Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. Vast, with state of- the-art facilities, the campus is set on 22 hectares, with 40,000 m2 of buildings and amphitheaters equipped to regularly welcome congresses and international symposiums.

Home base

The huge majority of students reside in individual furnished studio appartments, equipped with kitchen facilities, a telephone line, television connection, high-speed Internet connection and a housekeeping service. Students have access to a free laundry service, a cafeteria, and a self-service restaurant offering fresh, quality meals at modest prices (for about € 4).

Beyond the classroom

Sports, cultural pursuits, hobbies, the arts... there is something for everyone with an impressive array of student-led clubs and organizations.

Mines Albi advocates a healthy mind, healthy body approach, providing students with free access to a well equipped sporting complex including : 2 soccer fields, 2 rugby fields, 3 basketball courts, 3 volleyball courts, 3 handball courts, 2 tennis courts, a climbing wall and a gym with weightlifting equipment.

You can also be involved in large-scale events such as a European theatre festival ‘Acthéa’, varsity rugby matches, regional volleyball tournaments and prestigious galas.

Mines Albi’s social hub

As a student, you are likely to do most of your socializing at the Maison des Elèves, the École des Mines d’Albi’s social hub, featuring a bar, pool tables, a club-style dance floor, music studio, video room, and a photographic studio. Students regularly gather at the Maison des Elèves to let their hair down after class and to enjoy organized social events.

Albi : a wonderful place to live

Not only is the École des Mines d’Albi strategically positioned in close proximity to the epicenter of the world-leading, European aerospace industry and one of the major research and development clusters in France, students also benefit from living amongst the sheer beauty of the UNESCO world heritage listed city of Albi.

With the campus just 10 minutes away by bicycle, many students choose to live in residences within the historic city center.

Albi’s year round temperate climate inspires an outdoor lifestyle, with cycling, mountain hiking and rugby at the forefront. Within a 2-hour radius, students can ski the powder slopes of the Pyrénées, clear their head on breathtaking hikes or plunge into the azure Mediterranean Sea. The immediate countryside surrounding Albi closely resembles Tuscany in Italy with undulating landscape, perched villages, regional fare and age-old vineyards.

Another major advantage is Albi’s close proximity to Toulouse, a cosmopolitan city of 1 million, described by the Lonely Planet as “one of France’s liveliest and fastest-growing cities,” citing its dynamic nightlife, “lush countryside, fine wines and Renaissance architecture” as other attractions. 1 hour from Albi, the Toulouse-Blagnac airport has direct shuttles to major European cities including Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, Lisbon, Munich, Hamburg...

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