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A business partner for economic and regional development

Mines Albi continuously develops close ties with international and national industries and participates in the development of the regional economy, e.g. by hosting starts-up etc.

The training process is designed to ensure that graduate engineers are able to "hit the ground running" in operational jobs of various industrial sectors. Many engineers and managers from industry regularly teach at the school and are closely involved in its management.

Excellent employment prospects

The programs offered at Mines Albi are wide and varied, ecompassing different aspects of science, technology and human ressource management. Graduates form Mines Albi are therefore sufficiently equipped to choose the career that would suit them.

Every year, about 200 newly graduated engineers enter the workplace and join the 20000 alumni network already active in industry.

Graduate from Mines Albi ensure a high graduate employability and salary rates in France

Most students get a job offer before graduation

More than 50% of our students have a full-time job offer by the company where they made their final internship

75% of our engineering graduates found a job less than two months after graduating

90% are employed within six months after graduation

10% enrol into a PhD program

Their profiles ar "versatile and attractive". The dual technical/project management skills are strongly appreciated. Young graduates from Mines Albi are present in all economic sectors. The main employment areas of our engineering graduates are, to name just a few: IT services, Industry, Energy, Civil Engineering, Transport industry.