AMAZ-ING Antarctique

Discover the great project of 4 engineers students of IMT Mines Albi:
A scientific expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula!

03 February 2019

A project with actual stake


antarctique, par csuderie

The AMAZ-ING Antarctica project is an Antarctic research project established and designed students of IMT Mines Albi. Our team is made up of six scientists: four engineers (Robin AMAZ, Floriane EONNET, Aurélie SCHWARTZ, Clément TISSOT), a bio-cardio statistician, and a specialist in zooplankton. We are currently preparing our month-long scientific expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula which will begin in February 2019 aboard the sailboat, Podorange.


Saving and improving the understanding of our ecosystem.


With the support of our sponsors, including IMT Mines Albi, the team prepared a month-long scientific expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. The aim of this scientific and human expedition is very important since it is to conduct researches according three approaches:

  • Classification and identity of both phytoplankton and zooplankton
  • Study of bodies' cardiovascular reaction to a prolonged duration in extreme Antarctic conditions.
  • Marine currents and climatic variations on a global scale.




An invitation for awareness and exchange

bateau antarctique

bateau antarctique, par csuderie

A further aim of our project is to invite and initiate awareness and exchange. Indeed, we hope to organise conferences to further explain our study, our personal findings, and our conclusions. Our final goals are to invite people to realize their own deep ambitions and to highlight the fact that problems are interconnected and so are so solutions.

The pictures taken during the expedition will allow to show the beauty, the delicateness, and the actual impact of pollution on the antartic environment.


Beyond the scientific approach of this project, this is really a human adventure and a travel just likeformer times explorers.


A fundraising campaign will be organized in november 2018 to finance this beautiful scientific project. The expedition's departure aboard the sailing boat Le Podorange is planned for february 2019.


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