Covid-19 - instructions

13 March 2020

 Following the instructions of the President of the French Republic, IMT Mines Albi will be closed from monday, March 16th 2020.

In this way:

  • all staff are placed in a teleworking position and have to stay home;
  • all students have their training provided by distance, to guarantee course continuity and success for our students;
  • campus is closed;
  • students currently in internship follow their companies' instructions;
  • students and staff currently abroad follow the instructions of the country, the recommendations of the French embassy, and are assisted by the school;
  • all trips are forbidden (for students and staff);
  • the physical detachment is the rule.

We move to a same goal, and we will, together, overcome this situation. Stay united together and keep disctance from our personal and our school life.