Online international week 2020

05 October 2020

We are delighted to invite you to our

4th International Week entirely online

from 16th to 20th November

We will hold international conferences and free online workshops that may be of interest to you, your fellow colleagues and even your reseachers and students! Find all the program of the international week below.


Tuesday 17 november

12.30pm-1.30pm (France Time)

Workshop "Understand the French Engineering School System"

Do you know the difference between an Engineering School and a University in France? If you want to understand their functioning, join us.

Presented by:

  • Philippe Lours: Professor - Director of International Affairs - Head of Aeromat-Innovation Master
  • Estelle Magro: Deputy director of IMT Mines Albi programs – Supervisor of the academic life pole


6.30pm~8pm (France Time)

Invited Conference: "The effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the European Union"

Discover how the EU handled the new challenges brought by the COVID-19 crisis and what are the consequences of such a sanitary crisis on the EU institutions and values. This online conference will be exclusively hosted in French.

Presented by:



Wednesday 18 november

4pm-5pm (France Time)

Workshop: Discover the COIL Projects

The COIL method, aka Collaborative Online International Learning method, might be a new approach to answer the increasingly opening to the virtual system by institutions around the world. Come talk and learn about this method and ongoing COIL projects. Presented by our partners from the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (Mexico) and Katja AUFFRET, a German professor who implemented a COIL with our partners from Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld (Germany).

Presented by:



Thursday 19 november

11am~12pm (France Time)

Presentation: Research at IMT Mines Albi

Research is a pillar of IMT Mines Albi development. Discover some of the emblematic projects of our researchers! Let's find out how you can collaborate with our research centers, RAPSODEE, ICA and CGI.

Presented by:

  • Jacques Lamothe: Director of Research and Innovation


2pm~3pm (France Time)

Conference "Why should you consider studying in France?"

What are the pros and cons of studying in France? Students all around the world enjoy spending time studying in France for so many reasons! Get to know why France is the 2nd non-English speaking destination for international students (more than 358.000 in 2019). We invite you to share this conference with your students.

Presented by:



Friday 20 november

11am~12pm (France Time)

Presentation: BADGE project (Erasmus +KA2)

Becoming A Global Digital Engineer? Does it sound relevant to you? So come and listen to Katja AUFFREY, leader of our new BADGE project (Erasmus +KA2), she will explain why 14 institutions from all around Europe decided to gather to increase crosscultural understanding of engineering students.

Presented by:

  • Katja Auffret: French-German professor at IMT Mines Albi – Erasmus + Project Coordinator


2pm~3.30pm (France Time)

Albi virtual tour

Albi was the first city in France to offer virtual guided visit. Why is Albi a such great city to study and live in? Discover the wonders of this charming town classified as UNESCO World Heritage through an innovating virtual tour.

Mandatory registration before October, 30