PhD Defence: Maricelly MARTINEZ AGUILAR

videoconferencing from Sherbrooke Univ. Canada

Title : Biobutanol production from lignocellulose: A new thermochemical procedure.

17 June 2020

The thesis jury


Demand for energy in recent years has increased and a large percentage of energy is derived from fossil fuels, but the use of these fuels has resulted in CO2 emissions and environmental pollution. For this problem, research has been conducted on the use of alternative energies from lignocellulosic biomass to produce fuels that reduce CO2 emissions. Canada is a country with an abundance of lignocellulosic residues that are a source for the production of different chemicals. The main compounds from the biomass are levulinate esters that have attracted attention because they are molecules with similar biodiesel properties. These molecules can be used as additives in gasoline and biodiesel to improve its energy value. The thesis project will take place on the conversion of cellulose to biobutanol by a new chemical route. The objectives are the following: parametric study of the conversion of lignocellulose to methyl levulinate, parametric study of the conversion of ethyl levulinate to butanone and transposition of a batch reaction system into a continuous reactor, catalytic hydrogenation of butanone for the final conversion of butanone to 1-butanol.


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