Become a Global Engineer French Summer School 2019

Take advantage of summer to improve your French!

This year, our French Summer School will be held from July 1st to August 23rd, 2019. Tuition will be given on campus beautifully located in Albi, a UNESCO World Heritage City.

For quick improvement, come and enjoy the benefits of a 25 hours per week French course including a selection of evening activities. Our objective is to help you become an autonomous and successful student in France, and therefore we ensure that you are fully immersed in French culture and that you are working along teachers who are qualified to facilitate your integration.


In 2019, the French Summer School is being redesigned:

Innovation as a driving force for learning French!


The assets of our program:

  • French courses in small groups
  • Cultural and tourist activities
  • Evening activities are organized (games, visits...)
  • Coaching by a student of our school
  • Attractive living environment
  • A 2-day excursion to discover the local heritage


To prepare for your arrival, please check our welcome booklet

Welcome booklet