biomass engineering, waste and renewable energy

In a symbiotic relationship with the world around it, IMT Mines Albi has chosen to specialise in niches of expertise that are both innovative and full of future promise, directly related to its laboratories, its courses and its economic development.


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Designing cleaner processes, optimising energy consumption, taking advantage of wastes to manufacture new products...  these major ecological challenges are a priority area of activity at IMT Mines Albi.


Education and Training

Deploying and managing clean processes, reducing the energy costs of industrial installations, developing clean energies... this is the know-how taught at IMT Mines Albi to students interested in environmental issues.

Undergraduate education

In their 3rd year of study, undergraduate engineers can choose the Eco Activities and Energies specialized study course.

Apprenticeship and continuous training

Specialization in the sector of Energies and new materials for construction is offered in the apprenticeship engineering course

Specialized Masters:

  • An MS BE+ Masters, organised in partnership with IMT Lille Douai, is offered. It aims to train engineers capable of designing low-consumption or positive-energy buildings.

3 research Masters

  • Fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics for the environment, energy and transfers.
  • Process and environment engineering.
  • Environment management and valorization of local resources




The RAPSODEE research centre laboratory has gained an international reputation for its work in biomass and waste valorization. The laboratory works, for example, on the valorization of sludge from water-treatment plants, on agricultural waste such as maize stems, or on wood chippings. Thermal exchanges inside buildings are studied and new solutions found to design positive-energy buildings.

It is one of the only laboratories in Midi-Pyrénées to have received two quality excellence labels, awarded by ‘Investissements d’Avenir’, a Labex and an EquipEx certification.

On the RAPSODEE research centre’s website, consult :

  • Awards and scientific distinctions obtained by the researchers of the RAPSODEE centre 
  • Publications in the scientific production of the RAPSODEE centre.
  • Ange Nzihou, director of RAPSODEE, is editor-in-chief of Springer publications’ leading international scientific journal: Waste and Biomass Valorization.
  • The list of symposia and conferences organised by RAPSODEE in Albi.
  • Numerous congresses are organised or jointly organised by the RAPSODEE laboratory

Economic development

The economic valorization of research is a priority for IMT Mines Albi. The school is heavily involved in the dynamic of the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation competitiveness cluster

A technology platform dedicated to bio-energies

The VALTHERA platform, which was inaugurated in January 2017 on the Albi Technopole, enables industrial scale feasibility testing of processes invented by the team to produce bio-energies from agricultural resource residues.

Some examples of economic valorization

An original technology for “fry-drying sludge” won an award at the Pollutec 2009 French professional salon. The process has now been patented and licensed.

A piece of software that measures heat exchanges and energy consumptions in buildings, christened ArchiWIZARD, received a gold medal at the Professional Salon of French Building Industries. The software is a very valuable tool for constructing positive-energy buildings.

Examples of industrial internship tasks

  • Design and launch of an eco-citizen neighbourhood project
  • Technical and economic feasibility study of  hydrogen-powered street lighting
  • Innovating in thermal insulation of buildings: use of phase-changing materials
  • Energy mixing, an electrical solution for isolated areas

Seed companies

  • NeoTIM  is a specialist company in metrology and specific instrumentation in thermal and energy engineering. Its core activity: the study of heat transfers in processes, materials and buildings.
  • IDHELIO is an engineering consultancy company, based in Albi, which supports its clients in their projects to develop renewable energies, for building, industrial and transport applications.