Industrial Engineering Center


The Industrial Engineering Center of IMT Mines Albi is interested in the kinetics of organizations for the development of decision support methods and tools in heterogeneous, collaborative and uncertain contexts.

The Industrial Engineering Center (CGI) is one of the three training & research centers of IMT Mines Albi, directed by Professor Matthieu Lauras. Created in 1996, the CGI proposes an approach based on the representation, modeling, analysis and knowledge capitalization of organizations.

The specificity of the CGI is to combine a range of scientific expertise that are rarely associated, at the crossroad of Industrial Engineering and Artificial Intelligence:


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CGI at the frontier of Industrial Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

The Industrial Engineering Center of IMT Mines Albi strongly correlates its work to the business world, and provides companies with highly mature and operational solutions. As the field matures, the problems dealt with are encountered in services (transport, maintenance, energy renovation, IT services companies, etc.) as well as in organizations (humanitarian crises, home hospitalization, etc.), where the methods and approaches usually developed in the manufacturing sector are partly transposable.

These processes are most often carried out in collaborative dynamics (multi-partner, multi-site, distributed knowledge...), in constantly changing environments (permanent instability, high uncertainty, multiple risks, increasing diversity and complexity...), and fundamentally call upon emerging Information and Communication Technologies.



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