Materials and Processes for aeronautics and space

In a symbiotic relationship with the world around it, IMT Mines Albi has chosen to specialise in niches of expertise that are both innovative and full of future promise, directly related to its laboratories, its courses and its economic development.


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Located at the heart of Aerospace Valley, IMT Mines Albi offers high-level training and cutting-edge research in advanced materials, structures and production processes for the aeronautics and space sectors.



Education and training



IMT Mines Albi trains engineers to be able to select and improve materials for the aerospace sector, where operating conditions are often extreme.

List of courses

Undergraduate education

In their 3rd year of study, undergraduate engineers can choose to undertake deeper study in the field of Engineering of Advanced Materials and Structures, with the choice of 2 majors:

to become a structural engineer, designing and dimensioning parts in inspection, control and diagnostic techniques for materials and structures


  •  Material, nano-material and multi-material sciences

- Mechanical engineering

Apprenticeship and continuous training

The course to become an engineer by apprenticeship offers specialization in the sector of Manufacturing industries in mechanics and aeronautics

A new Masters course taught entirely in English

The Ampas Masters (Advanced Manufacturing Processes for Aeronautical Structures), was created in  2013 in partnership with the ISAE school, to train engineers in processes for SMEs and Intermediate-sized companies working in the aeronautics supply chain.

  • 2 research Masters are offered to student engineers in parallel with their 3rd-year studies

Material, nano-material and multi-material sciences

Mechanical engineering



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IMT Mines Albi’s Clément Ader Institute, under the joint authority of the INSA, the ISAE and the Paul Sabatier University, has a staff of 70 people on the Albi site. The Director is Professor Thierry Cutard.

The School’s personnel participate in 3 of the 4 research groups :

  • Materials and composite structures (MSC)
  • Surfaces, machining, materials and tooling (SUMU)
  • Measurement, identification, control and monitoring (MICS)

The centre’s main challenge is to optimise tooling or processes for the forming of materials (metals, plastics, composites, glass, etc.). The ICA participates in the “Aeronautics, Space and On-board systems” Technological Research Institute (IRT), accredited in Toulouse.

Consult : Institut Clément Ader (ICA) Albi

Economic development

The creation of activity is a priority for IMT Mines Albi. To this end, the School is a member of Aerospace Valley, the aeronautics, space and on-board systems global competitiveness cluster.

A testing platform for the materials of the future

The  MIMAUSA platform (Mise en œuvre de Matériaux Aéronautique et Surveillance Active - Implementation of Aeronautical Materials and Active Monitoring), is located on the Albi Technopole with the scientific support of Mines Albi. Regional companies have access to industrial-scale pilots which allow them to test innovative processes that have high deployment potential in aeronautics and space.

Research with practical uses for industry.

Research is being undertaken with engine manufacturers in the aeronautics sector into ceramic coatings for turbine blades, so as to protect them from the rises in temperatures required to increase engine performance.

A highly original project is under way, partnering two of the School’s laboratories with a Toulouse-based company to create a recycling chain for composite materials removed from aircraft that have reached the end of their life cycle. Physicochemical processes are used to recuperate the carbon fibres for their re-use in the automobile industry.

Examples of industrial internship tasks

  •  Detection of microscopic levels of play at the assembly interface of aircraft parts
  •  A new material for a new future for kitchen furniture
  •  Design and creation of a nozzle in composite material

Seed companies

  •  Sport Loisirs Création designs, creates and develops inflatable safety structures for sports and communication.
  •  Metallica is both a metals and cutlery workshop and a training centre.
  •  6TMIC is a company specializing in industrial development and green chemistry. It offers scientific, strategic and operational support for setting up and running research and development projects.
  •  Aurock designs, dimensions, manufactures and markets fibre-reinforced refractory castable moulds. The company has signed contracts, most notably with Airbus and several Airbus subsidiaries.
  •  Noomeo develops bespoke 3D digitalization solutions for aeronautics manufacturers.
  •  Robosynthesis, based in the United Kingdom, offers solutions in the field of robotics.
  •  Leyfa Measurement designs and manufactures railway track geometry measurement apparatus.
  •  Badenko designs and manufactures the BKL badminton shuttlecock launcher.
  •  ACRDM offers analysis, consulting and R&D services in metallurgy and composites.