MS Be +

Energy-Plus Building

Type of diploma: Advanced Master

Entry requirement: Master 1, conditional

Field: thermal energy in buildings

IMT Mines Albi and IMT Lille Douai are jointly accredited for the Specialized Master in “Energy-plus buildings, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE).

BE+ EN 2021

BE+ EN 2021, par jfages



  • The Energy-plus building Specialized Master concerns achieving proficiency in energy control in the construction field (thermal energy in buildings). It aims to train engineers capable of designing low-consumption (LCB) or positive-energy buildings.

    The course provides the keys and tools required to respond to the demands and expectations involved in implementing the recommendations issued by the Grenelle Environment Forum and the Energy Transition Act applied to building works, in terms of thermal and energy requirements.

    This master is in the 8th position of the Eduniversal 2020 ranking of the masters "Energies - Renewable energies". Learn more

  • This course is open to students coming from Civil Engineering and Energy Engineering courses, who have obtained one of the following diplomas or levels:

    • Engineering diploma accredited by the Engineering qualifications Commission
    • Diploma from a Management School that is accredited to deliver Master level diplomas
    • 3rd Cycle diploma or equivalent qualification accredited by university authorities or professional diploma consistent with a Bac+5 years level.
    • Master’s degree or equivalent, for candidates who can prove at least 3 years of professional experience
    • Foreign qualifications that are equivalent to the French diplomas required above
    • By way of derogation, for a maximum of 30% of the  SM intake: candidates who can prove that they have specific and significant experience in the field of Energy Engineering or Civil Engineering, who hold a Masters or equivalent diploma or who have benefited from  a procedure to validate the experience they have acquired (VAE) or who have a diploma equivalent to Bac+2 years or a certified qualification of level III minimum for those candidates who can prove relevant experience of a minimum of 3 years.


    Application deadline

    1st session: March 15, 2021*
    2nd session: May 10, 2021

    Application platform
    Two sites are available to study for this Specialized Master: IMT Mines Albi or IMT Lille Douai.


    International candidates are encouraged to apply for the first session (March 15, 2021) to allow enough time, in case of acceptance, for them to complete the administrative procedures at the diplomatic mission in their home country.

    Simultaneously applying on IMT Mines Albi web site, they must obtain the required information about conditions for studying in France, and sign up on the 'Studying in France' platform.

  • Consult the detailed program of teaching units

    The course involves 425 hours of classes, 140 hours of project work and 6 months of in-company training in the following fields:

    Theoretical and practical teaching is organised into 4 main Teaching Units (UE)

    UE 1 Bioclimatic architecture, thermal comfort and environment (110 hours)

    • Bioclimatic architecture
    • Comfort and thermal transfer
    • Quality of internal air
    • Eco-design, sustainable materials and lifecycle analysis
    • Building acoustics

    UE 2 Physics, dynamic thermal modelling of the building envelope and BIM (115 hours)

    • Thermal behaviour of a building and modelling, methods and tools, Dynamic Thermal Simulation, Thermal Regulations, 2012
    • Dimensioning energy systems
    • BIM

    UE 3 Urban energy systems and energy management (110 hours)

    • Energy efficiency of low consumption buildings
    • Thermal renovation of buildings
    • Renewable energy applied to building
    • Passive-energy buildings
    • Eco-neighbourhoods
    • Urban energy management

    UE 4 Stakes for energy and the environment (90 hours)

    • Introduction to renewable energy
    • Techno-economic analysis
    • Life cycle assessment
    • Geographic information system
    • Serious Game Carbon
    • Visits and conferences

    Scientific and technical project (140hrs)

    Jointly supervised by professionals and the research fellows of IMT Mines Albi.

    Professional thesis (25 weeks)

    To complete the educational programme and validate the course, a period of in-company training (or professional thesis) of 6 months is also required with the aim of putting into practice the capability of appreciating an industrial problem in the widest possible manner: scientific, economic, organisational, relational, human, etc.


    After completing their “Energy-Plus Building” SM, graduates are in a position to take up jobs with a high level of responsibility in R&D, study and design, project management, building-site monitoring, etc.

    • Study and design

      • Thermal calculations required by regulations and thermal dynamic simulation tools
      • Dimensioning of optimized energy installations
      • Definition of the building (design/adaptation)
      • Assistance to construction project managers and architect
    • Project and/or construction site manager:

      • Coordinating the interventions of different trades
      • Definition and validation of adaptations for rehabilitating existing buildings
      • Inspection of completed works in accordance with regulations