Organization dynamics

In a symbiotic relationship with the world around it, IMT Mines Albi has chosen to specialise in niches of expertise that are both innovative and full of future promise, directly related to its laboratories, its courses and its economic development.


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In a period when companies are subjected to a high level of instability, it is essential to control their interactions and collaborative processes via high-performance information systems, as well as to manage risks and knowledge as efficiently as possible.



Education and training

The teaching provided at IMT Mines Albi is based on a scientific foundation in process modelling, mathematical optimization, statistics and computing.

Undergraduate education

In their 3rd year of study, student engineers can choose the Industrial engineering, process and information systems further study course, with the choice of 2 options:

  • Industrial Engineering

Optimization of the global performance of industrial companies and organizations through product design, industrialization, production and the logistics chain.

  • Information Systems Management


  • Scale Masters (Supply Chain and Lean Management) in cooperation with TBS : dispensed entirely in English, the course aims to train high-potential students for careers in Supply Chain Management, in Lean Management  and more generally in operations management and the management of continuous improvement projects.

The Industrial Engineering Centre (CGI) develops mathematical tools and software to stimulate and strengthen coordination between companies exchanging information via networks.

The CGI is renowned for its excellence in the fields of designing collaborative processes and computerizing their orchestration. It is also highly regarded in the fields of knowledge exploitation and risk management in design projects.

Consult the centre’s website.

  • All the awards and scientific distinctions obtained by the Industrial Engineering centre 
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  • List of symposia and conferences organised by the Industrial Engineering centre
Economic development

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A research and demonstration platform

The  IOMEGA platform, located on the premises of IMT Mines Albi, is a research and demonstration platform specialized in the development of decision-aiding tools in a complex and/or highly collaborative environment. It allows companies, regardless of their size, to bring to fruition their research and development programmes on these themes.

Research with practical uses for industry.

  • In the aeronautics sector: the Atlas project, steered by the Industrial Engineering Research centre and supported by the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster from 2008 to 2011, aimed to facilitate dialogue between Airbus and its sub-contractors.
  • In the health field: The centre is participating in a project for enabling elderly people to stay in their own homes, called Plas’o’soins, which brings together academics and industrialists to create a platform to aid the coordination of activities.
  • In crisis management: the centre is a player in the European project, Play, alongside Thales and Orange. This concerns the efficient orchestration of interventions by different actors in cases of industrial accident or conflict.

Seed companies

Secalliance specializes in the control of identity documents and offers its services to several airlines.

InteropSys is a software editor.