Powders and Processes Research Group

This research group aims to respond to the challenges that have come about with the development and characterization of new materials and particulate solids with controlled usage properties, with regard to their formulation, handling, forming, ultimate use and recycling, as well as to the eco-design of the processes required to obtain them.

To this end, various scientific fields need to be deployed, so as to obtain these solids in a controlled way, by setting up or modifying sustainable processes for generating, handling and/or forming them. This requires a deeper understanding of the physicochemical or mechanical processes taking place. The solids in question are used in different industrial applications and may be pure, composite or polyphasic. A good physical presentation of these solids makes it easier to use them, while improving their efficiency, modulating their use over time or varying it according to the environment.

The usage properties we seek are those providing efficiency of action (bioavailability, dispersion, wettability, etc.), granular texture or mechanical resistance. Obtaining these properties often requires that relevant generation and forming processes need to be used beforehand. Several generation and forming processes are studied at the RAPSODEE centre: crystallization in a liquid or non-conventional medium (supercritical, ultrasound-aided,etc.) wet or dry granulation, extrusion, crushing, mechanosynthesis, coating and mixing.