5th International Week Full Program

IMT Mines Albi invites you to participate at the 5th edition of the International Week that will take place from November 15 to 19, 2021.

21 October 2021

Program of 5th International Week at IMT Mines Albi

IMT Mines Albi invites you to participate in the 5th edition of the International Week from Monday 15 to Friday 19 November 2021. Numerous activities for the school's international partners as well as students and staff will punctuate the week. Two key moments will allow the general public to fully experience this 5th edition.


What is a School of Engineering in France?

Tuesday 16th November 12:30pm

France's higher education education system might be difficult to apprehend. Universities and schools are two different systems, with several differences. If you are not familiar with the specific features of a French school of engineering, then this webinar is for you. You will understand why we do not have Bachelor degrees and why the duration of our curriculum is 3 years.

Conducted by


photo-alexis.jpg, by jfages

Alexis Carriere,
Internationalisation at home officer at IMT Mines Albi

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Research at IMT Mines Albi

Wednesday 17th November 1pm

We are in your list of partners, but you do not know us well yet? Don't worry, this webinar is the perfect opportunity for you to discover what our researchers do. We will present you some emblematic projects currently conducted in our research labs.


philippe_lours.jpg, by jfages

Philippe Lours,
Director of International Affairs at IMT Mines Albi


jacques_lamothe_c_12.jpg, by jfages

Jacques Lamothe,
Director of research and innovation at IMT Mines Albi

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International & training

Blended mobility, analysis of a success-story

Thursday 18th November 11am

Albi has a long story of cooperation with the University of Birkenfeld (Germany). Why is that so? How did we manage to maintain a long and lasting relationship between our two institutions? Take the time to listen to two of the main actors behind this cooperation, Katja and Aloisia and let's analyze this success-story of blended-mobility.

Conducted by


katja.jpg, by jfages

Katja Auffret,
Erasmus project coordinator at IMT Mines Albi


aloisia.jpg, by jfages


Aloisa Sens,
French Teacher at Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld

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How to attract international talents?

Thursday 18th November 2pm

Attracting talent is strategic process for all institutions. In this workshop, we will make the most of our three international speaker and see their good practices to attract international talents. Olivier EPINETTE (France), Naufal SAAD (Malaysia) and Ibrahim YORGUN (Turkey) will share with us their secret tools.

Conducted by


ibrahim_yorgun.jpg, by jfages

Ibrahim Yorgun
Middle East Technical University, Turkey


naufal_saad.jpg, by jfages

Naufal Saad
University of Technology Petronas, Malaysia


epinette.jpg, par jfages

Olivier Epinette,
Director of International Relations at IMT

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Next Generation International Education

Thursday 18th November 6.30pm

How did the Covid-19 pandemic change the international education? Well, that's an interesting, well documented, topic. To uncover the Next Generation International Education, we invited Anthony OGDEN (Gateway International Group), a respected scholar-practitioner with nearly 30 years of experience in international higher education, three-time Fulbright recipient and PhD in Educational Theory and Policy from Pennsylvania State University.

Panelists: Emilian Cioc Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), Olivier Epinette (IMT), Philippe Lours et Alexis Carriere (IMT Mines Albi).



Les clefs pour construire un projet international agile. L'exemple du projet franco-togolais Impact [in French]

Friday 19th November 11am

Mener à bien un projet international, facile sur le papier. Mais dans la réalité, c'est toute une histoire... Tous les projets internationaux connaissent leurs lots de difficultés, et nos intervenants vont partager avec vous les clefs pour conduire un projet international de manière agile en prenant pour exemple le projet franco-togolais Impact, récemment notifié par l'Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

Animé par


philippe-farenc.jpg, by

Philippe Farenc,
Director of Economic Development and Entrepreneurship at IMT Mines Albi


pavageau.jpeg, by jfages

Michel Pavageau
Technical Advisor to the Ministry of ESRI of Senegal

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Studying in France, a gateway to excellence

Friday 19th November 3pm

Do your students consider France as their future destination for studying? This conference will let them know all the possibilities France offers to international students and why France is the perfect destination for them to pursue their academic and professional career.

Conducted by


anais.jpg, by jfages

Anaïs Bouquelloen,
International development officer at IMT Mines Albi


emilie_depons.jpg, by jfages

Émilie Depons,
Head of Toulouse Regional office Campus France Occitanie