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The 1st edition of this Summer School in Catalysis was held at IMT Mines Albi from 18 to 21 June 2019. The purpose of this summer school was to present modern approaches to understand the mechanism of homogeneous, heterogeneous and enzymatic catalytic reactions, with a focus on the activation of small molecules. It is expected that a global vision of these different types of catalysis can enrich the person who wishes to invest in the development of new catalytic systems for a sustainable chemistry. Organized by Catalysis@Toulouse Group with the support of the CNRS, this Summer School was particularly dedicated to PhD students, Post-docs, Master students but also to academic and industrial engineers and researchers. Contact: Doan PHAM MINH: https://schoolcat2019.sciencesconf.org

2 collaborative research projects (NEUROLIXIS and CVASTHERA) have been recently committed with two start-ups supported by Castres-Mazamet Technopole

NEUROLIXIS is a "young innovative company" in the field of biotechnology which aims at discovering and developing new molecules for the treatment of central nervous system illnesses, such as Parkinson's disease, Rett's disorder, depression and schizophrenia. The NEUROLIXIS-GALA® project recently launched concerns the development of a new dosage form in order to improve the use of a compound of NEUROLIXIS, the NLX-112.

CVASTHERA is an early clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company which focuses on innovative drugs conception, development and registration policies. CVASTHERA-GALA® underway project concerns a study in the field of pathologies associated to a dysfunction of intestinal epithelium: inflammatory bowel diseases and more specifically Crohn's disease.

MERCK and GALA's Seminar "How to accelerate your pharmaceutical developments based on the solid dispersion strategy"

On September 26th, GALA® platform and MERCK organized an international seminar on "how to accelerate your pharmaceutical developments based on the solid dispersion strategy". This day was a success with more than 60 participants and positive feedbacks for both the quality of the technical scientific content and the high level of equipments presented during the day.



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1st edition of the "Sendai Albi Knowledge of Engineering" (SAKE)

From October 23 to 25, 2019 was held at IMT Mines Albi the « Sendai Albi Knowledge of Engineering » (SAKE) seminar co-organized by Tohoku University (Sendai - Japan), Institut Clément Ader Albi UMR CNRS 5312, RAPSODEE's Research Centre UMR CNRS 5302 and IMT Mines Albi international department.

8 professors and 4 students from Tohoku University participated in this seminar. The scientific programme, containing 25 oral presentations and 20 posters, was dedicated to the following topic:

  • functional materials
  • use of powders, polymers and metal alloys
  • additive manufacturing
  • mechanical behavior of materials
  • thermochemical conversion

Especially for RAPSODEE/IMRAM future collaborations, the way of collaborations are:

  • Advanced characterization of functional materials (Multiphase, composites, hydrid materials for food, pharmaceutical, energy and environment applications, powders, suspension and dispersion)
  • Grinding, mixing and modelling tools and approaches
  • Energy (Hydrogen, etc...) and chemicals (Methanol, etc...) from Bioresources
  • CO2 valorization
  • Heterogeneous catalysts
  • Increased role in the WasteEng Conference Series
  • Participation to the board of the Waste and Biomass Valorization peer review journal

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Sagar UNIYAL, PhD student received the recognition for the « Best Poster in Dry granulation » sponsored by ALEXANDERWERK at the « 9th International Granulation Workshop » held in Lausanne (June 2019).

Lori GONNET received the Best PhD presentation award during the ESCC 2019 conference (16th European Symposium on Comminution & Classification) in Leeds. Her presentation "Investigation on the kinetic of a Diels-Alder reaction carried out in a vibratory ball mill" has been highly appreciated by the attendees.

In 2019, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the CNRS, a special issue of the CNRS newsletter "Le petit illustré" has been published. This special issue focuses on researcher's different point of views among which three members of the RAPSODEE laboratory: Fabien BAILLON, Martial SAUCEAU and Jacques FAGES. Their article is about a new process for the supercritical foaming of thermoplastics. Jacques FAGES represented the lab during the exhibition in Toulouse (October 2019): https://80ans.cnrs.fr/evenement/lancement-du-petit-illustre-des-80-ans-du-cnrs/

SFGP (French Society of Chemical Engineering) Special Award to Ange NZIHOU, head of RAPSODEE UMR CNRS 5302 Research Centre. This honor has been conferred to Prof. Ange NZIHOU to reward its outstanding contribution in chemical engineering research for biomass and waste to energy and added value materials. This award also highlights his remarkable involvement in promoting chemical engineering, in particular, waste and biomass valorization research and initiatives at national and international level (22 October 2019).

Maria GONZALEZ MARTINEZ was awarded four times for her PhD in October 2018:

- Léopold Escande 2018 award given by Toulouse INP to the best PhD theses completed

- PhD award by « Ecole de chimie de Rennes – René Dabard » 1st October 2019 : https://www.ensc-rennes.fr/recherche/prix-de-these-de-chimie/

- PhD award by the "French Chemical and Process Engineering Society" (SFGP) 2018 in Nantes, France: https://www.imt-mines-albi.fr/actus/sfgp-2019

- The Innovation Award by the city of Toulouse (French Academy of Sciences Awards "Inscriptions et Belles Lettres de Toulouse"): https://www.academie-sciences-lettres-toulouse.fr/?p=4634