Research focus

RAPSODEE, Research Centre in Albi on Particulate SOliDs, the Energy and Environment, is a joint research centre - UMR 5302 - of the French National Research Centre (CNRS) since 2001. Its activities are organized in two research teams, carrying out their research in the field of energy, environment and particle engineering.
As regards areas of Energy and Environment, research is focused on:
  • Energy carriers production and materials with engineered properties, by developing environmental and energy efficiency processes, from biomass dedicated crops or waste biomass more or less contaminated with heavy metal and/or organic pollutants.
  • Processes implementing renewable energies (Solar, Biomass)

Energy and Environmental industries are among the application fields.

As regards the area of particle engineering, research is focused on:

  • Design and development of new sustainable processes (more intense, more cost-effective, more environmentally-friendly, safer) using particulate solids and developing characterization, generation, transport, formulation, mixture and shaping particles methods.

Pharmaceuticals and food industries are among the application fields.

RAPSODEE Research Centre is also involved in the Laboratory of Excellence "LabEX SOLSTICE" and with the Excellence Equipment "EquipEx GENEPI". These labels are granted by the French Government to a very limited number of laboratories with outstanding track records in the dedicated fields.