Technology platforms

The setting up of two technology platforms are a key element in the development of the centre and reinforces its place as a partner in local and regional scientific research. The first platform is in advanced galenic formulation: GALA (with a technical platform in Castres) and the second in valorization of biomass by thermal treatment: VALTHERA (with a technical platform in the "Technopolitain de l'Albigeois" business park, near IMT Mines Albi) . These two platforms have received the support of the Cancer-Bio-Santé regional competitiveness clusters, which certified the advanced galenic formulation platform in April 2009, and of Agrimip, which certified the VALTHERA platform in October 2009. It should be noted that these platforms are not substitutes for the laboratory. The activities put in place at the platforms concern final, partner-based research not carried out at the RAPSODEE centre.

GALA platform (Advanced Galenic and Solid Formulation)



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Galenic formulation, which, among other things, aims to deliver the active ingredient at optimal concentration so as to provide the best possible therapeutic efficiency at the weakest possible dosage, with consequent improvement in tolerance, is considered today as one of the major development challenges for innovative medicines.

The GALA platform aims to bring together the skills of the region in organic and inorganic synthetic chemistry, in the physicochemistry of particulate solids and dispersed mediums, in formulation engineering and process engineering, so as to be able better to anticipate and develop innovative techniques in galenic formulation. These innovations are found at the interfaces of molecules, formulation and process. To respond to this challenge, the RAPSODEE centre is combining its own expertise in pharmaceutical powders with that of other researchers of the Midi-Pyrénées region: SPCMIB Laboratory, UMR 5068 CNRS/UPS ; Chemical Engineering Laboratory UMR 5503 CNRS/INPT/UPS; I.M.R.C.P. Laboratory UMR 5623 CNRS/UPS (S.M.O.D.D. Group) and CIRIMAT UMR 5085 CNRS/INPT/UPS (the « Phosphates, Pharmacotechnics, Biomaterials » research team). The project involves offering the services of academic and industrial research teams in providing a range of resources, in the form of a "scientific and technology hub", including a network of experts in the field, formed of chemists, pharmacists, physicochemists and engineers. One particularly impressive aspect is the wide spectrum of skills available in the laboratories forming part of this network around the theme of advanced galenic formulation. For further information: site web



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VALTHERA platform (Thermal Valorization of Transformation Residues from Agricultural Resources)

The VALTHERA platform is investigating the different ways of valorizing residues from agricultural and forestry sources as well as those from the food industry.

By setting up pilot equipment using key technologies in this field, we are able to increase the level of application of the research centre and offer potential solutions to the industries working in this field.

The platform is operational since 2013 and brings together public partners, such as the Agro-industrial Chemistry Laboratory (LCA, UMR1010), the Champollion university centre in Albi and Tryfil, the waste management syndicate of the Tarn department, the Fonlabour college of agriculture and industrial partners (RAGT Energy and Sustainable Systems). The platform provides expertise in the development of new technologies for bioenergy production; resource depollution processes and emission control treatments; and processes for conditioning agricultural resources. As well as developing innovative technologies, the focus is on developing techniques using less energy: intelligent use of alternative sources of energy, such as thermal solar energy and increased diversity of the biomass that can be adapted to a given technology. For further information: site web


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