Academic exchanges

Personalize your pathway and make it unique

There are numerous agreements that should allow every student to find their specific academic pathway, according to geographical criteria and their own career plan.


Undertaking an academic exchange

An IMT Mines Albi student can spend one or two terms in another institution, either in France or abroad, so as to obtain credits that will be included in their curriculum at IMT Mines Albi. Any student can apply for an academic exchange, as long as their global mark is sufficient and they have defended their project in front of a committee (motivation interview). Throughout the exchange period, the student remains enrolled in his/her original institution, with all the rights and responsibilities that this entails.



National exchanges
Carte Ecoles IMT France

Carte Ecoles IMT France, par csuderie

To succeed in your career plan, you can pick up credits in a discipline that is not taught at IMT Mines Albi. This may be:

  • In the context of a double diploma (business schools and pharmacy faculties)
  • In the context of a normal exchange arrangement

For a period of one or two terms at your chosen outside institution, you can follow classes that are predefined in the study contract. The credits obtained can be included in your IMT Mines Albi engineering course, meaning that you will receive your diploma at the same time as the rest of the people in your original academic year.

Student engineers can, for instance, conduct their final year of study in another of the 13 schools of the Mines-Telecom Institute. This gives them access to a very wide range of options.

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International exchanges

Broaden your horizons in a different culture from your own!

Going away to study abroad for one or two terms is one of the advantages of being a student at IMT Mines Albi.


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Throughout the world, direct bilateral agreements through the ERASMUS programme or outside Europe, networks such as the GE4 or the CREPUQ, provide students with the opportunity to leave on academic exchanges. Courses followed and validated abroad will be credited to the student’s syllabus, giving each student a unique study profile, and the very rich network that goes with it.

Through the personal tutor system, the student is individually prepared for the exchange before departure.  The student will also need to have a debriefing meeting with his tutor on return, so as to take full advantage of the exchange and maximize its career value.

For help in choosing the destination most suitable for the student's project, and for administrative questions (help with application forms, grants, etc.) the School’s academic exchanges department provides full support.

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