Creativity Spaces

"The intelligence of the hands, the agility of the brains"

The actions carried out within the innovation space all revolve around the concept of collective intelligence.

Design thinking is a pillar of this concept. This collective intelligence activity, centered on the human being, places the user at the heart of the creative process. It enables a product to be perceived as a source of value based on the benefit it provides to its user. It is practiced in a global and multidisciplinary approach.


Innovation spaces

An area dedicated to innovation is located in the heart of the Innov'action building. It is open to all groups looking for a product or process idea, a strategy or a new, more efficient organization.


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Dedicated to brain agility, the creativity space is a place for exchange and sharing. It consists of a relaxation area open onto a space with adjustable furniture dedicated to hosting design thinking workshops and other workshops in small groups. An outdoor amphitheater offers the possibility of presentations and pitching to a larger audience. With its warm and friendly atmosphere, it is a place dedicated to the production of ideas.

Pushing open the large orange door reveals the digital manufacturing and prototyping space: La FaBrique. This is Aladdin's cave for budding handymen. This space houses all the digital manufacturing equipment, a rapid prototyping spot and a modular room/workshop for educational workshops. La FaBrique is the perfect place for clever hands to express themselves.


Prototype your projects

  • 3D printer
  • Water jet cutting
  • CAO software
  • 3D Scanner
  • Raspberry (électronic)
  • Virtual Reality Headset
  • 360 Camera
  • Vinyl cutting
  • Soldering kit
  • Glass melting furnace
  • Carpentry kit
  • Milling machine
  • Embroiderer
  • Sewing machine