Double diplomas and second diplomas

The double diploma and the second diploma are a way to obtain the IMT Mines Albi engineering diploma and an equivalent diploma from a partner university simultaneously.

A double degree is considered to exist when there is a double degree agreement between IMT Mines Albi and the partner institution. When the host institution delivers its diploma within the framework of a mobility at home, but in the absence of a specific double diploma agreement, it is a question of a second diploma.

This arrangement means you can acquire or strengthen additional skills in a French or foreign university. The qualifications you obtain will be fully recognised in the same way as the individual qualifications issued by each institution.
In this case, it takes 4 years instead of 3 to obtain the IMT Mines Albi diploma (and that of the partner university).


A Manager-Engineer or Engineer-Manager double diploma

A double diploma course in cooperation with Toulouse Business School, which, after 4 years of study, will lead to each institution issuing both diplomas at Masters II level. Depending on their school of origin, students will follow one of these two pathways:

  • 2 years at TBS (L3 + M1) and 2 years at IMT Mines Albi (M1+ M2),
  • 2 years at Mines Albi School (L3 + M1) and 2 years at TBS (M1 + M2).

The studies committee meeting in April of the M1 course year grants leave to study on double diplomas based on academic and motivational criteria. Student engineers who have completed their first and second years at IMT Mines Albi can then leave for a one or two year study period, depending on the selected partnership arrangement.

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A Pharmacist-Engineer double diploma

The academic programme aims to allow future pharmacist-engineers to work as managers in production or development for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fine chemistry or pharmaceutical biotechnology sectors, and to achieve a high level of competence in present and future technologies, and particularly in regulatory matters.
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A double diploma and a second diploma abroad

To validate a double diploma:

  • You must complete 2 years at Mines Albi (L3 , M1) and 2 years at the partner university (M1, M2)


  • You must complete 2 years at the partner university and reach M1 level. You then come to us and complete M1 and M2, thus validating the two diplomas..

To validate a second diploma:

For a second degree, there is no agreement between the two institutions. The desired university may refuse to accept a student and the tuition fees can sometimes be very high as in England or the United States.

Here are a few examples of internationally renowned schools that are open to our students for a double or second degree course:

Consult the complete list of partners for double diplomas

The Research-oriented Master double diploma

In parallel with their M2 year, students have the opportunity to prepare a Research-oriented Master’s in several specialized disciplines.

These Master’s courses, which are jointly-accredited with the University of Toulouse are :

  • In the “sciences, technologies and health” field:

Physicochemical processes special study field, specializing in process and environment engineering

The GPE Master’s course in “Process and Environmental Engineering” is a diploma jointly accredited by IMT Mines Albi, The Paul Sabatier University, The National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, and INSA of Toulouse.

The objectives of this course are to initiate and prepare students for careers in research and development in the fields of Process and Environmental engineering.

During the course, students will gain awareness of the issues and realities involved in research through teaching by researchers and research fellows (from 3 laboratories and 4 different institutions), then through direct involvement in a project (Micro-thesis) and a practical internship (End-of-study project, which is R&D oriented at Mines Albi).

For more information and enrolment:  Driss Oulahna or consult the  dedicated site

Mechanics and energy special study field, specializing in fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics for the environment, energy and transfers

The objectives of this course are: to deepen and strengthen theoretical knowledge in fluid mechanics and physics, in aerodynamics and in heat and matter transfer.

For more information and enrolment: Mouna Elhafi  or consult the dedicated site

Mechanical engineering in aeronautics special study field, specializing in mechanical engineering

The objective of this course is to provide students with the required knowledge to develop high-level research in the field of mechanical engineering:

modelling of metal or composite structures in the linear and non-linear domains structural dynamics rupture mechanics and fatigue behaviour machining  strategies For more information and enrolment: Fabrice Schmidt

  • In the “human and social sciences” field

Geography and environment special study field, specializing in environment management and valorization of local resources

The objective is to contribute to the production and development of new directions for local management of the environment, particularly by introducing new ideas for the valorization of the natural components of a local area.

To this end, this specialized course involves further study of two key areas that are repeatedly evoked in today’s political discourse, claiming to encourage “sustainable development”, namely environment management (policies and the economics of risk and resource management) and the valorization of locally owned environmental resources.

For more information: Mouna Elhafi 

Partnership Master’s courses

Master’s in medicines and other health products, Pharmacotechnics and Biopharmacy specialization

Through an academic exchange agreement, Mines Albi has a partnership with the Pharmacy faculty of Châtenay-Malabry, which allows our students to spend their final year there, with a view to obtaining the   “M2 Master’s in Medicines and other health products, Pharmacotechnics and Biopharmacy specialization” of the Pharmacy faculty of PARIS SUD University, in conjunction with their engineering degree course.

The objective of this Master’s course is to train specialists in the fields of galenic preformulation and formulation, as well as in physicochemical and biopharmaceutical characterization. This double diploma course brings a specific additional skill-set to general-purpose Mines Albi engineers, allowing them to gain a foothold in the strong network of the pharmaceutical sector.

For more information: Jacques Fages or consult the site of  PARIS SUD University

Master’s students laboratory internships

The School also admits students from other institutions on Research Master’s laboratory internships in its 3 centres:  Industrial Engineering, ICA and RAPSODEE.