First-job survey

The First-job survey is carried out using the questionnaire of the Conference of ‘Grandes Ecoles’. Activity, placement rate, changes in salary scales, access to employment, types of work contract, places of work, types of business enterprise, roles and sectors, the survey will tell you everything you need to know about outcomes for IMT Mines Albi graduates.

First job survey: 2017 graduates (6 months after obtaining their diploma)

The key figures to remember for the survey concerning the promotion of 2017 graduates:

  • 85% of graduates find a job within two months of graduatio
  • 98% of graduates are now manager
  • 90% net employment rat

The job selection criteria:

  • the content of the proposed mission
  • suitability with a professional project
  • the business sector of the company

Gross earnings with bonuses (average):

  • 41,444€ for women
  • 38 152€ for men

enquete_insertion-comunication_2018-compressed.pdf, par csuderie

First-job survey: 2016 graduates (6 months after obtaining their diploma)


  • Very good career development for 2012-2015 graduates
  • Very fast insertion for the 2016 graduates
  • Almost 30% of the 2016 graduates work in the Occitanie region
  • Different dynamic sectors -  due to multi-disciplinary nature of our diploma

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First-job survey: 2015 graduates (6 months after obtaining their diploma)

See the results of the new survey for the 2015 graduates, 6 months after obtaining their engineering diploma)

Télécharger enquete premier emploi promotion 2015.pdf, par asdevy

First-job survey: 2014 graduates (6 months after obtaining their diploma)

Time spent job-seeking:  63.2 % of graduates signed their first contract less than 2 months after leaving the school.

Geographical location:  The majority of our graduates work in the provinces (International Voluntary Work (VIE) is included as foreign placement)

Sectors of activity: 73% of graduates work directly in industry, while 15% are engaged in “consultancy and engineering” for an industrial sector by working for service providers.

Types of company: Almost half our graduates have chosen to work for large companies (+ than 250 employees), whilst one third have positions in companies of less than 250 employees.  

  • Names of some of the companies from the industrial sector that recruit our engineers: Galderma, Merck, Novartis, Lilly France, Pierre Fabre, Dyrup, EDF, Areva, Ferrero, Snecma, Airbus, Robert Bosch, Louis Vuitton, SNCF. 
  • Names of some of the companies from the service sector that recruit our engineers: Capgemini, Sopra Group, MI-GSO, Assystem, Aerospace, Neodyme Engineering, Cardonnel ingénierie, Infra services.

The average remuneration of an engineer graduating in 2014 (gross annual salary excluding bonuses) is 34 424 € in France.


Outcomes for previous years:

Since the School was set up, engineers from IMT Mines Albi have become strong links in the chain of economic development.

They hold a great variety of positions in France and internationally.