11th January 1993: the decree authorizing the creation of the School was signed. Placed under the supervision of the ministry for industry, IMT Mines Albi is a public administration institution.

The status of IMT Mines Albi

A major player at the crossroads between digital and engineering sciences and technologies, the school applies its skills in the context of the major fields of digital, industrial, energy and ecological transformations and their impact on the industry of the future, urban life, health and personal self-reliance.

The school is led by a director, appointed by decree. He is assisted by :

  • A deputy director: director of studies
  • A deputy director : director of research, innovation and economic relations
  • and by a General Secretary.

Audrey LORIDAN-BAUDRIER is Acting Director of the school since June of 2021.


The school board

 A number of instances watch over the proper functioning of the school and the development of strategic axes in line with its attributed missions.

Its director, appointed by decree is assisted in his task by two deputy directors, the director of studies and the director of research, innovation and economic relations, a Secretary-General and the governing board.

The institution is administered by a decision-making body, the School Board, composed of 24 members :

  • Figures drawn from the scientific and technological bodies of the school,
  • Representatives of the state, legally authorized members,
  • Representatives of regional authorities,
  • Elected representatives of the staff,
  • Elected representatives of the students

Advisory bodies

The school has a number of advisory bodies with distinct missions :

Advisory committee for education

Consulted by the Director, the advisory committee for education is working towards the development of ever-greater quality in the teaching of engineering studies at the school. It intervenes upstream of any modifications to the curriculum of the school, before the changes are passed on to and validated by the school board.

Chair: the Director

Members: 21 figures including

  • 1 student representative elected for every course cycle
  • 2 student representatives elected by the students
  • 4 representatives elected by faculty members of the School

Studies committee

For every training course leading to a diploma or a qualification, a studies committee examines student results and decides whether or not they can go through to the next year of study. It decides on the awarding or refusal of qualifications to trainees, the awarding or refusal of diplomas and certificates or on exclusion from the school.

Chair: the Director


  • The deputy Director
  • The Director of studies
  • 5 teachers appointed by the Director (including 3 of professor status)
  • 2 representatives of the economic world

Committee for Health, Safety and Working conditions

The Health, Safety and Working conditions committee, as its name indicates, concerns itself with issues related to hygiene, work safety and preventative medicine in the school. It assists the technical committee.


  • 2 representatives of the administration
  • 5 staff representatives
  • 5 alternate members
  • The preventative measure advisor: CP-HSE
  • The preventative medical doctor and health and work safety inspector: ISST


Technical committee

The technical committee decides on issues relating to :

  • the organisation, operation and staffing of School,
  • employments and skills, change management with regard to new technology and working practices in the School and their impact on the personnel,
  • rules concerning bonuses and allowances, training and the development of professional skills and qualifications
  • employability,
  • equality at work, parity and the fight against all discriminations,
  • hygiene, safety and working conditions

It meets at least twice a year.

Members: The Director (chair), the Secretary-General, the staff representatives.

Disciplinary board

Placed under the direct authority of the Director, the disciplinary board must be consulted before the any sanction above the level of a warning comes into effect, after appearance before it of the student in question. These sanctions - warnings, reprimand, temporary or permanent exclusion - are requested by the Director in case of a breach of internal or academic rules.

Members :

  • Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Director of studies
  • General Secretary
  • 2 teachers appointed by the school board,
  • an elected representative of the student’s intake – a position renewed each year.