IMT Mines Albi

A school of the ministry of industry, the higher national school of mines of Albi-Carmaux is part of the Mines-Telecom Institute  , which is today the first group of schools of engineering and management in France.  IMT Mines Albi is also an associate member of the Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées  and partner to a great number of institutions and prestigious universities in France and abroad. These privileged partnerships make it a welcoming ‘grand école’ and research centre, rich in opportunities, and in economic and professional development prospects. Joining IMT Mines Albi means being part of this network and benefiting from its expertise and the wide variety of opportunities it offers.


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The director of IMT Mines Albi is Lionel Luquin

Train, enhance, search, anticipate... innovation is at the heart of the IMT Mines Albi

The school is moving forward to transform the concepts, technologies and practices of the future. At the forefront of industrial issues on the international stage, it acts as a local scientific and economic driver. The specificity of the IMT Mines Albi is to combine 4 missions in a virtuous circle that promotes innovation.

Training engineers

IMT Mines Albi is a multi-disciplinary, innovative, humanist and international engineering school that incorporates the dynamic of sustainable development in its management.

IMT Mines Albi offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate courses :

  • General engineering diploma through student programmes or by apprenticeship
  • Masters or specialized masters diploma
  • PhD diploma

Every year, more than 200 engineers, 50 masters students and 30 doctors graduate from the School.

Conducting research and innovating  

A school with cutting-edge scientific research to invent new products and processes. Since the creation of the school, research has never ceased to develop around its 3 research centres :

  • The Industrial Engineering centre
  • The Clément Ader Institute
  • Rapsodee

Scientific excellence, applicability and economic relevance are at the heart of the research at IMT Mines Albi. Within its three laboratories, research teams work towards the emergence and improvement of industrial processes, thanks to the creation of 4 technology platforms (Gala - Mimausa - Valthera - Iomega). The school is at the cutting-edge of industrial innovation with the Carnot M.I.N.E.S Institute, which consists of 38 laboratories.

Contributing to local and national economic development

A school in partnership with companies that supports the creation of activity, through its incubator, its network, its shared laboratories, its research Chairs and through its active partnerships with competitiveness clusters (Aerospace Valley - Cancer Bio Santé - DERBI (energy) - Agri Sud Ouest Innovation).

Promoting scientific, technical and entrepreneurial culture

A school that favours the spread of scientific, technical, innovation and enterprise culture across the country, through events that are open to all, all year long :

  • European Researchers’ Night
  • Festival of Science
  • Lectures open to the public
  • Open days