An international approach

Being cosmopolitan by definition, IMT Mines Albi gives everyone the opportunity to broaden their cultural, professional and social horizons.

The international dimension of IMT Mines Albi

  • 16% international students on campus each year
  • 38 different nationalities
  • 54 international speakers and teachers
  • 2 compulsory languages in the engineering curriculum (student status)
  • 10 foreign languages to choose from: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Sign language
  • preparation for language tests (TOEFL, TOEIC...)
  • 35 double degrees with foreign universities
  • 2 specialized Master's degree
  • 1 French Summer School held in August
  • 83 partnership agreements with foreign universities
  • 46 Erasmus agreements


Our students’ experiences


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IMT Mines Albi offers several conferences throughout the academic year. These conferences are part of the internationalization cycle and allow us to respond to the needs of our students and staff to open up to the world and to increase the school's visibility.

Lecture series 2021-2022

Conference on "Lost in translation: Why mastering a foreign language is an opportunity

Conference organized as part of Erasmus Days 2021 and hosted by Mikael LE GALLO, founder of e-Translation Agency by Milega.

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Conference on "Next Generation International Education: Where we've been and where we're headed".

Conference organized as part of International Week 2021 at IMT Mines Albi and moderated by Anthony OGDEN, founder and CEO of Gateway International Group, a new organization focused on next generation international education. A respected academic and practitioner with nearly 30 years of experience in international higher education. He has held international leadership positions at Pennsylvania State University, University of Kentucky, Michigan State University, and University of Wyoming.

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Conference on "Climate Change: reasons for concerns and hope!"

Conference organized as part of the Sustainable Development Week 2022 and moderated by Christophe CASSOU, Director of Research at CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and Paola ARIAS, Professor at the University of Antioquia in Colombia, both members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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Conference on "Let's talk about Ukraine. University perspectives and testimonies"

Conference organized by IMT Mines Albi and INU Champollion on the theme: Let's talk about Ukraine. An evening punctuated by testimonies and analyses. With the intervention of Thibault Courcelle, lecturer in geography, INU Champollion, Marie-Cécile Amat and Maël Cornus, former students of INU Champollion, Genia Kosarieva, professor at the Technological University of Dnipro, the Red Cross and the solidarity associations of the Tarn.

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Conference on "Discover NASA Goddard Space flight center

Lecture animated by Dr. Christyl Johnson, PhD from George Washington University and Deputy Director for Research and Technology Investments at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA's primary center for scientific research.

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Christyl Johnson

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Conference on "Brazil, the Amazon and the Climate

As part of the Latin America Week, IMT Mines Albi organized a conference on the theme of "Brazil, the Amazon and the climate" led by Mr. Carlos Minc Baumfeld, former Brazilian Minister of the Environment.

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Lecture series 2022-2023

Conference on "International Mobility and Employability. How Erasmus can boost your career?"

Organized as part of Erasmus Days 2022 and moderated by Solène DESGROPPES from the Erasmus + national agency.


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Conférence sur "Sport and politics do not mix"

Organized as part of the 6th edition of IMT Mines Albi's International Week and moderated by Carole GOMEZ, graduate assistant in sociology of sport at the Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Lausanne.



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Conference on the "Discovery of the Maori culture

Organized as part of New Zealand's National Day and hosted by Sharelle Govignon-Sweet, professor of English at IMT Mines Albi.


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Conference "French as a key language for higher education and research in Africa

Organized as part of the month of Francophonie and the international partnership with the University of Lomé and moderated by Professor Kangni Alem, Professor at the University of Lomé, translator, literary critic and representative of Togo to the Permanent Council of the Francophonie.

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Living and working in Taiwan" online conference

Organized as part of Alumni Days 2023 and hosted by Melody Chen, a graduate of IMT Mines Albi class of 2020 and Thibaud Brunel, a graduate of IMT Mines Albi class of 2005.

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Online conference "Sustainable mobility, a challenge for the urbanization of the future. The case of the Medellin cable car."

Organized as part of Latin America and Caribbean Week in Occitania, and hosted by Olga JARAMILLO, Coordinator of POMA's Social, Environmental and Human Management Department.

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Partners and label


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