Labels and accreditations

The School has been awarded numerous labels and accreditations attesting to the quality of its teaching, research and innovation

Engineering Certification Commission


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In 2017, as proof of the quality of the School’s teaching, the Engineering Certification Commission (CTI) renewed certification, without reservations, for the school to award diplomas up until 2022.


  EUR-ACE Label


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The engineering diploma awarded by the school is a high-quality qualification, recognised at European level. The EUR-ACE label, granted to the School, underlines the highly demanding standards of the academic programme. This label offers students: a guarantee that the skills and knowledge taught conform to European standards, greater European mobility and an asset viewed favourably by recruiters.

With its engineering diploma, IMT Mines Albi offers this bonus value to your qualification, systematically and for free.


Conference of ‘Grandes Écoles’


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IMT Mines Albi is a member of the Conference of ‘Grandes Écoles’. The CGE is an association (Act of 1901)  of ‘grandes écoles’ for engineering , management and higher education in multiple  or specific fields, all state recognised, awarding a national diploma endorsing at least five years of study after the baccalaureate and conferring the qualification of Master.  Among its members are companies, alumni associations and other organisations.

The CGE’s quality label guarantees that course programmes match the needs and expectations of the labour market and that the development and influence of these higher education institutions are promoted in all their forms, both in France and abroad, in cooperation with public authorities and economic and social actors.


Carnot M.I.N.E.S. Institute label


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The School’s research centres are Carnot M.I.N.E.S Institute certified (Méthodes INnovantes pour les Entreprises et la Société). This label is bestowed on research laboratories that are recognised for the quality of their research regarding innovation in the service of business enterprise.

IMT Mines Albi participates, with its 5 sister schools and other partners (X and ENSTA labs) in the 5th largest Carnot Institute in France, behind the 3 ICs of CEA-TECH and ONERA.




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Our RAPSODEE research centre has worked in association with the CNRS since 2012 (Mixed Research Unit 5302) and the ICA has been associated with them since 2016 (Mixed Research Unit 5312).

This recognition underlines the quality and solidity of the scientific projects being undertaken, and the standing of these centres throughout the world within their fields of expertise.


Qualiopi certification


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The "Qualiopi" mark attests to the quality of the process implemented by IMT Mines Albi to develop skills, and makes the training offer more transparent to companies and users.

"Article L.6316-4 Il of the French Labor Code recognizes the quality of the higher education establishment under the 4 categories of actions contributing to skills development."


The Occitanie region


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The Occitanie region  jointly finances numerous initiatives at the School in research and in support of economic development, including our three platforms.


The Castres-Mazamet and Albi urban communities:


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The Castres-Mazamet urban community and the built the platform buildings and support the School in their development through their technology clusters


Ambassador of Albi the Episcopal city


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On 31st July 2010, the Episcopal city of Albi was listed by the international community as a World Heritage Site. IMT Mines Albi is one of the ambassadors of Albi the Episcopal city. It participates in the national outreach of Albi and its international visibility.



Joint-financing by the Midi-Pyrénées region and the European Union of our RENATOR/INTERNET connection.


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The ASTER project, to provide high-speed internet connections for the higher education institutions of the Midi-Pyrénées region, was selected in the framework of the “Competitiveness and Employment in Midi-Pyrénées” programme, supported by the European Union; the RENATOR/INTERNET connection at 100 Mbits/s.  IMT Mines Albi was jointly financed by the European Union and the Occitanie Pyrénées - Méditerranée region.