Processes and Resources for Circular Economy

Entry requirement: Master 2
Field: Materials and processes for the circular economy

Accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE)

If you want to become the expert that companies need to meet the requirements and
expectations of the new regulations related to the circular economy, then PRINEC is for

Develop your skills in materials and processes in the circular economy thanks to this highly
resolutely vocational course.

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Applications are open

Next intake: september 2024 



    The advanced master-Mastère Spécialisé® PRINEC, Processes and Resources for Circular Economy Engineering, is a joint program offered by IMT Mines Albi and IMT Mines Alès, with the support of the eco-organization Valdelia.

    PRINEC trains and equips you to meet the requirements and expectations arising from the implementation of new national and European regulations and societal demands associated with the generalization of the circular economy. With the advanced master PRINEC,  you will acquire scientific, technological, and transferable skills that will enable you to develop high-performance second-life materials using innovative and viable processes, and to evaluate them on an economic and environmental level.

    Are you interested in the Advanced Master-Mastère Spécialisé® PRINEC?


    By joining the PRINEC program, you will have the opportunity to:

    • Be part of the IMT community, the leading group of engineering schools in France, by joining 2 schools in the Occitanie region
    • Benefit from a professional approach to teaching, including 1 semester of in- company professional assignments
    • Become a professional committed to the ecological, inclusive, and citizenship transition, and thus contribute to serving an environmentally friendly society



    Tuition fees for young graduates* and job seekers**: €7,000
    Tuition fees for those in continuing education: €14,000

    *Young graduates are candidates who have obtained the required level of studies in the same year or in the previous year and who have not been employed on a permanent contract (CDI).
    **Job seekers are candidates who are registered with Pôle Emploi (or equivalent for non-residents of France) at the time of application and who are willing to finance their training with their own resources.

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    For job seekers registered at the Pôle Emploi agency in France and who have graduated for at least 2 years, the training is likely to be fully financed by the Occitanie region thanks to the ForPro Sup program.


    Do you want to apply to the advanced master-Mastère Spécialisé® PRINEC?


    The course is delivered simultaneously on the Albi and Alès campuses, with candidates being able to select their desired campus at the time of application. 


    This program is open to students with backgrounds in Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Process Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and who hold one of the following degrees/levels:

    • Engineering Degree accredited by the Engineering Qualifications
    • Commission (CTI)
    • 2-year Master’s Degree
    • 1-Year Master’s Degree and three years of professional experience
    • Foreign diploma of equivalent level (Bac+5)



    The required language level in French is B2 for non-French speaking candidates.


    Applications are open on the IMT Mines Albi application platform.

    Would you like to apply for the advanced master-Mastère Spécialisé® PRINEC?

  • The length of the program is 12 months, with 1 semester of teaching and 1 semester of in- company professional assignments. The course is comprised of a single core curriculum structured into 3 Teaching Units (UEs), which include scheduled classes, lectures, and visits to businesses/industrial sites.

    UE 1: Materials and Commodity Value Chains

    • Materials science
    • Development and shaping
    • Raw materials and natural resources
    • Materials and industrial sectors

    UE 2: Product Life Cycle and Socio-Economic Aspects

    • LCA (life cycle analysis), industrial and territorial ecology
    • Eco-design and choice of materials
    • Characteristics of secondary raw materials (SRMs), markets and regulatory issues
    • Public policies, innovation, and emerging themes
    • Activity of eco-organizations
    • Sociology of waste 
    • Logistics and reverse logistics of end-of-life products

    UE 3: Innovative Processes for the Circular Economy

    • Sorting and identification methods, physical, chemical, and thermochemical recycling of plastics and composites
    • Energy recovery
    • Recovery and recycling of common and strategic metals
    • Composting and biodegrading, contamination issues
    • Advanced manufacturing methods
    • Design and reuse of materials

    Multidisciplinary Scientific and Technical Project

    Carried out in the schools’ research centers and supervised by research professors from IMT Mines Albi and IMT Mines Alès, this project places students in a project management assistance role.

    Professional Thesis

    The in-company professional assignments in the second semester focus on undertaking a comprehensive study of an industrial issue. The aim is to implement the ability to tackle an industrial problem in its broadest scientific, technological, socio-economic, organizational and relational sense.

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  • Graduates of the Master’s program will obtain a high level of responsibility and technical skills, given the key environmental issues at stake regarding industrial and societal developments. They will support and advise companies and local authorities on projects related to the circular economy and the environment. They will define the circular economy strategy to minimize the impacts of production tools for material transformation on the environment.


    • Project or Site Manager
      • Management of an industrial waste treatment site
      • Production supervisor for secondary raw materials (SRMs) or final products incorporating SRMs
      • Certification manager for new products incorporating recycled materials
    • Study and Design
      • Conducting environmental evaluations of new products or processes
      • Setting up local structures for industrial ecology
      • (Eco)design of new products maximizing the fraction of recycled materials
    • Research and Development
      • Development of new waste recovery processes
      • Development of new materials with low carbon footprints
      • Development of environmental evaluation methodologies



    • Design offices of large groups or medium-sized companies looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their products, consultancy firms specializing in the circular economy

    • SMEs or industrial facilities of large groups involved in the collection and separation of waste or end-of-life products, or in the recovery of recycled materials produced within the company or acquired from regenerators or eco-organizations

    • Local authorities, institutions, and eco-organizations

    • Architecture or design firms concerned with using secondary raw materials or reconditioned products


    Would you like to apply for the advanced master-Mastère Spécialisé® PRINEC?