PhD studies

At international level, the PhD is the highest diploma in higher education:  it corresponds to 8 years of study after the baccalaureate in the three-cycle system (Bachelor -Master-Doctorate), which has become the European standard.


For three years, PhD students carry out research with the support of:

  • supervising research fellows
  • engineers and technicians to provide assistance
  • high-technology equipment

They enrol and defend their theses at IMT Mines Albi and the general and scientific training they receive is delivered by the doctoral schools of the Federal University of Toulouse- Midi-Pyrénées.


IMT Mines Albi offers additional training to its PhD students:

  • Training in “French as a foreign language” for non-francophone PhD students
  • Training in scientific and technical information search techniques
  • The research pathway

All PhD students receive remuneration, through in-house doctoral contracts, or contracts with the Federal University of Toulouse-Midi-Pyrénées, CIFRE contracts, Armines contracts for training through research, CNRS contracts, international grants, etc.

IMT Mines Albi is accredited to deliver a PhD for the three doctoral schools in Toulouse:

Numerous thesis subjects are offered by the three research centres of IMT Mines Albi.

Choose IMT Mines Albi for your thesis

Joining IMT Mines Albi means:

  • Working in a young but well-recognized school as part of the Mines-Telecom Institute.
  • Being part of a research team that is held in high esteem through its participation in quality schemes such as Labex, Equipex, IRT or the Carnot M.I.N.E.S. Institute and working in partnership with industry. 50% of the research fellows have been awarded HRDs (Accreditation to Supervise Research). They closely follow the work of the PhD students. The majority of our Doctors find employment in industry.
  • Joining laboratories that have achieved great success in winning tender invitations from the National Research Agency, in European contracts or in a CNRS-associated laboratory.
  • Doing your thesis on a modern, perfectly equipped campus.

Candidates must hold a national Master’s degree or other Master level diploma, having followed an academic pathway that establishes an aptitude to conduct research.

If these qualification requirements are not fulfilled, the head of the institution may, by derogation and following the recommendation of the doctoral school board, enrol students on PhD courses who have undertaken studies abroad of equivalent level, or who have been granted experience-related accreditations (VAE) under the terms of article L.613-5 of the Education code. The list of those benefiting from derogations is presented annually to the doctoral school board and to the research committee.

Enrolment on the PhD course is officially confirmed by the head of the institution, on the recommendation of the director of the doctoral school and after consultation with the thesis supervisor and the director of the relevant research unit. This confirmation constitutes formal admission to the training provided by the doctoral school. Enrolment must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.

A thesis subject proposed by a research centre must necessarily be accompanied by a financing arrangement for the PhD student.

To apply for a thesis proposal or enrol for PhD studies at IMT Mines Albi,  consulter the site dedicated to PhDs.