Sports and recreation


Physical and sports activity at the school is done in two closely related ways: 

  • Student-engineers of the school must practise a mandatory sport during their school year as part of the sports class.
  • Every student can also practise extracurricular sports activities for leisure or competition.


Mandatory sport

For 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of undergraduate training, the mandatory sport module is spread over 30 weeks (from September to April), with 1h15m sessions. For 2nd year students in continuous training, the sport module is optional.

At the beginning of the year, you will be asked to choose a main sports activity that you will undertake during the school year and on which you will be marked.


Extracurricular sport leisure or competition

Besides the mandatory sport, students can do sports for leisure or competition, with several activities proposed by the School’s Sports Association (S.A. EMAC).


Learn more about the School’s Sports Association


The School’s sports association is for students who love sports, competition and meeting new people.

The members of the EMAC S.A. take part in the 'Grandes Écoles’ tournaments and the championships of the French Federation of University Sports (FFUS). 
These tournaments allow the students to compete with other teams from the Occitanie region, and to meet other students who share their sporting commitment. 

There is a wide range of choice of sports:

  • football (M/F)
  • rugby (M/F),

  • volleyball (M/F),
  • handball (M/F),

  • basketball (M/F),
  • tennis,
  • table tennis, 
  • badminton,
  • swimming,
  • rowing,
  • roller hockey (Mixed),
  • and many more...



For students wishing to practise a federated sports activity (in a club), they can get involved in sports clubs in the Tarn. The ‘Maison des Sports’ (Sports Orientation Centre) of Albi, which is 500m from the school, can offer you a guide to Albi’s sports associations.


Suitable Equipment

The School is equipped with a large sports complex allowing you to take part in many different activities. 
Effective and suitable equipment has been made available for students: 

  • a gymnasium open to all students 24/7 through their student card, equipped with: 
    • a climbing wall
    • a gym
    • a dance hall
    • a multi-sports court (basketball, handball, volleyball, badminton, ping pong...) 


  • Outside:
    • tennis courts
    • rugby pitch
    • football pitch
    • basketball court
    • handball court