Sustainable development and social responsibility

IMT Mines Albi committed to the SDGs

In September 2015, the Member States of the United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 associated targets as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

These 17 goals serve as a directive to achieve a better, more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges our society faces (poverty, inequalities, climate, environmental degradation, peace and prosperity, etc.). They take the three facets of sustainable development into account:

  • the environment,
  • society and
  • economy.

Higher education establishments are committed to achieving these objectives by 2030. IMT Mines Albi is fully committed to this approach.

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The Sustainable Development Goals

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No poverty

IMT Mines Albi has a duty to be a school accessible to all and to practice a proactive policy in favor of equal opportunity. IMT Mines Albi's commitment to the fight against poverty is part of a strategy of responsible and humane development, and is reflected in its commitments to reducing inequalities.

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Zero hunger

IMT Mines Albi is committed to eliminating hunger, ensuring food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture.

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Good health and well-being

IMT Mines Albi and its research teams are working to enable everyone to live in good health and promote well-being at all ages in a variety of fields.

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Quality education

IMT Mines Albi contributes to ensuring equal access to quality education for all, and to promoting lifelong learning opportunities through an inclusive pedagogical approach, by encouraging diversity and offering access to some of its educational resources to all.

IMT Mines Albi also encourages research and innovation in education, exploring new methods of learning and teaching.

IMT Mines Albi also supports educational outreach initiatives, working with schools, associations and local authorities to promote science education for younger generations.

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Gender equality

IMT Mines Albi's ambition is to play a full part in promoting gender equality, not only internally, but also in advancing gender equality within the company and local communities.

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Clean water and sanitation

IMT Mines Albi recognizes the crucial importance of water for the survival, well-being and development of humanity. The School strives to educate and train its students in engineering practices that promote the efficient use of water and the protection of its quality.

As part of its commitment to MDG 6, IMT Mines Albi is conducting innovative research focused on the management of water networks. At the same time, IMT Mines Albi is striving to reduce its environmental footprint by adopting sustainable water use practices on campus.

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Clean and affordable energy

IMT Mines Albi is working towards the decarbonization of energy and the optimization of household energy use. It contributes to the growth of renewable energy in both its new facilities and in energy renovations, via research and projects.

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Decent work and economic growth

By integrating internships and research projects into its training program, IMT Mines Albi ensures that its students gain practical experience and develop transferable skills that meet the needs of the job market. Students are encouraged to adopt a responsible and ethical approach to their work, taking into account the social and environmental impact of their actions, thus enabling them to develop their skills in "sustainable" jobs.

In addition, IMT Mines Albi works closely with local companies and stakeholders to promote innovation and regional economic development. We facilitate knowledge transfer and collaboration between academic research and industry, creating an ecosystem favorable to employment and economic growth. IMT Mines Albi also aims to eradicate undignified work and ensure the protection of all employees. It promotes the development of training and employment opportunities for new generations, accompanied by an increase in skills for "sustainable" jobs.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure

IMT Mines Albi’s mission is to support entrepreneurship, industrial innovation and the transfer of technology to society and regional players. It participates in the vibrancy of the local and national economy through job creation, in particular via training in entrepreneurship and its support for innovative new businesses.

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Reducing inequalities

IMT Mines Albi contributes to the reduction of inequalities by training a new generation of engineers who are aware of social issues and capable of proposing inclusive solutions. IMT Mines Albi promotes diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion in our student community, providing an inclusive environment where everyone can flourish regardless of social origin, gender or economic status. IMT Mines Albi also promotes international cooperation and knowledge exchange with partners around the world. These collaborations foster mutual understanding, solidarity and the exchange of expertise, helping to reduce inequalities between countries.

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Sustainable cities and communities

IMT Mines Albi’s mission is to ensure the institution and its facilities are safe, sustainable and open to all. It implements eco-citizen practices for a sustainable and responsible campus in association with local players, through various projects and publications.

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Responsible consumption and production

IMT Mines Albi is committed to the move towards sustainable production (research in environmentally-friendly materials, renewable energy, the use of biomass and eco-activities, etc.) and sustainable consumption (responsible procurement, anti-waste and energy saving, etc.). It implements various actions and research projects to this end.

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Climate action

IMT Mines Albi's strategic objective is to implement a policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and organize a reduction in its environmental footprint (real estate, mobility, purchasing, waste management, biodiversity, etc.).

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Life below water

IMT Mines Albi is committed to protecting and enhancing aquatic ecosystems such as lakes, ponds, streams, wetlands, rivers, estuaries and the ocean.

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Life on land

IMT Mines Albi is responsible for a campus with a specific topography and ecosystem, which it intends to preserve in a sustainable way.

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Peace, justice and strong institutions

IMT Mines Albi trains students to be aware of social and political issues, capable of promoting ethical practices and actively participating in building responsible and safe institutions.

It supports its students' commitment to community involvement and recognizes the union involvement of its staff, who contribute to building a fairer, safer and more efficient community for the benefit of all its stakeholders.

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Partnerships for the goals

IMT Mines Albi aims to enhance its actions for sustainable development and its societal responsibility. IMT Mines Albi strives to improve these actions on a continuous and daily basis, through its procedures and in association with all its local, regional, national and international partners. To achieve this, IMT Mines Albi generates and shares scientific knowledge, expertise and technology via research projects and various training, awareness and prevention actions.

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