Tuition and Financial Assistance


Tuition fees differ depending on the Master's and Specialized Master’s program and the applicant's situation. The tuition amounts presented correspond to the total duration of the programs and can be paid in several installments in accordance with the payment schedule sent to applicants at the time of admission.



Reduced tuition fees (1)

Standard tuition fees







(1) for graduates of initial training programs and applicants who have obtained the required level during the year or previous year and are not yet in permanent employment, and job seekers registered with Pôle Emploi (or possessing an equivalent type of supporting document for non-French residents) at the time of the submission of their application, and who are financing their studies from their own personal resources.




  • Financial assistance from the Occitanie Regional Council

 Job seekers registered with Pôle Emploi in France and who graduated at least 2 years ago, can have their studies fully funded by the Occitanie region thanks to the ForProSup program.


  • Compensation for graduation internships

Each program includes an optional or compulsory internship of 4 to 6 months, completed at a company or research center. The legal minimum amount for the compensation is €3.90 per hour of the internship (approximately €550/month for 35-hour work weeks).

  • Financial assistance from the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales

Under certain conditions, students can apply for financial assistance from the family allowances fund (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales-CAF) to help them fund their housing.



  • French embassies in the country of origin

International students may contact French embassies in their home country to request a scholarship to fund part or all of their studies or living expenses in France.

  • Government in the country of origin

The governments of some countries contribute to the funding of their students’ education in France. Students should make inquires on their own or contact the nearest Campus France for more information.

  • Other scholarships

International students can refer to the Campus Bourses scholarship catalogue from the Campus France agency to learn more about scholarships adapted to their situation.