What future for me after IMT Mines Albi?

Everything is made at IMT Mines Albi to facilitate the integration of graduates into the job market. The result: more than 9 out of 10 students are hired in less than six months.

A professional project built at IMT Mines Albi 

As soon as they join IMT Mines Albi, each student chooses a mentor from among the teaching-research staff or permanent managers. This mentor is a real resource person who supports them in their personal assessment process and in the construction of their personal and professional project.


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IMT Mines Albi's pedagogical project promotes the personal development of the engineering student and post-graduation follow-up. The student engineer forges his or her own relational network so as to be ready in final year to enter active life in the best possible conditions, and to become the engineer of excellence expected by today’s business enterprises.

Right from their first year of study, students are helped to think about the activities that motivate them, their aspirations, and the way they work within a group. We also help them learn more about the job market in the sectors that interest them.

Personalized guidance

This training, which forms a compulsory part of the syllabus, is extremely useful to students in searching for and finding their three student placements.

In final year, enriched by this experience, which has also helped them to form a mature career plan, the students receive more specific training in job interview techniques. After graduation, those who wish to can still benefit free of charge from the support of the professionalization and employment service, which offers help in job-seeking and advice in career management.


A very active network of alumni

Every great school has a dynamic network of former students. The Network of Engineers and Doctors of the IMT Mines Albi School (IMT Mines Albi ALUMNI) possesses a website with a directory of all graduates in France and abroad, a CV bank, and regular information on changes in the job market.

Find out more about the Alumni network