Launching of the SIReN Lab Associate International Laboratory

On November 15, 2019, IMT Mines Albi and Georgia Tech will be inaugurating an Associate International Laboratory entitled "Sentient Immersive Response Networks Lab (SIReN Lab)".

15 November 2019

IMT Mines Albi (France) and Georgia Institute of Technology (United States) are launching an Associate International Laboratory entitled "Sentient Immersive Response Networks Lab (SIReN Lab)" on November 15, 2019. This structure is intended to accommodate research and training programs carried out by one or the other of the two institutions in a collaborative manner.


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Friday, November 15, 2019

Official launch of the Associate International Laboratory
between Georgia Tech & IMT Mines Albi
and the IOMEGA VR technology platform

On 15 November, the launch of this Associate International Laboratory will be officially celebrated and the IOMEGA VR (virtual reality) research platform of IMT Mines Albi will be presented as a support for the activities of the laboratory. It will also be an opportunity to present the first concrete research programs involved in this Associate International Laboratory, namely:


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Collaborating with Georgia Tech

IMT Mines Albi and Georgia Tech (USA) have been collaborating for several years in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and its interface with immersive technologies. The objective of the research is to use virtual reality to reproduce prospective situations and thus facilitate the readability of AI information by humans to help them in their decision-making. Strengthened by the innovation potential of their research in two application areas, crisis management and supply chain, the two entities have established industrial research partnerships and have now decided to reinforce their collaboration. This is based in particular on the implementation of a new virtual reality equipment at IMT Mines Albi (IOMEGA VR) and at its counterpart, Georgia Tech.

The IOMEGA VR platform

IMT Mines Albi, with the support of the Occitanie Region as part of the financing of the Laboratoire Commun de Recherche EGCERSIS (see below), is inaugurating on 15 November 2019 a second platform called IOMEGA VR (IOMEGA Virtual Reality) to support the work of the new SIReN Associate International Laboratory and all the research programs that require it. This 80 m2 platform provides state-of-the-art immersion and virtual reality equipment. As a first step, 8 virtual reality stations are scheduled, including 4 KAT-VR type, allowing users to move about at 360 degrees. The proposed equipment enables multiplayer experiments that are necessary for decision-making in collaborative networks.