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Year after year, IMT Mines Albi develops educational projects with and for companies. Take advantage of the skills and fresh perspectives of our students, your future co-workers, to provide answers to your technological, innovation or industrial performance challenges. As part of project-based teaching, a team of student-engineers will implement the appropriate methodological approaches, under the supervision of their teachers.


Systematic exploration of an innovative technological solution with 1st year students


Systematic exploration of an innovative technological solution


The Dextinov project aims to enable a group of 4 first-year students from IMT Mines Albi to implement an "innovative design" approach that is both structuring and generating concepts: the C-K theory developed through the DKCP method.

In order to acquire the keys to understanding innovation in the business world, the deployment of this approach relies on real projects proposed by companies: a manufactured product or manufacturing process or service, new, including a technology component, and in development.


From March to May, the working group analyzes your project and proposes innovative technological solutions. The projects are supervised by internal and external contributors, guarantors of the C-K method developed at Mines ParisTech and using the school's documented resources.

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Missions Innov'Action with 2nd grade students

Missions Innov'Action


A team of six to eight 2nd year students deploys the Design Thinking approach on the basis of a problem formulated by the company: new product, new technology, new process or new organization.


The working group works from September to February (about 1000 hours of student work per project) to come up with a concept proposal that is desirable (user segment identified), feasible (technical solution identified), viable (economically) and sustainable (environmental and societal issues taken into account).

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More than 200 projects already completed in the region (30/year), from start-ups to large industrial or service groups.

Organizational performance with 3rd year students

Industrial Project Development "DPI"


Three to five students from the Industrial Engineering option, carry out a " junior consultant " type mission.

The aim is to improve inter-site flows, to set up and start up a new production workshop, to make the operation of a production line more fluid, to implement visual management or the 5S approach, etc... The company submits its organizational problems and the students intervene on site and propose a diagnosis and avenues for development.


Collection of issues from April, missions from September to February, about 400 hours of student work per project.

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