The Educational project

“The engineer seeks to achieve the best result by using the means at his/her disposal, incorporating human, economic, financial social and environmental dimensions.” 

(Extract from IESF charter)

The general-purpose engineering training at IMT Mines Albi consists of several components or determiners that are organised in such a way as to achieve a harmonious balance in acquired capabilities and skills.


Training in which the main actor is you

The Educational project of IMT Mines Albi

  • Lectures, classes and practical work, active teaching, projects, international endorsement, 10 months in-company training or a work-study pathway (apprenticeship training)

  • Strong interaction between research and student engineers, particularly through the “research pathway” scheme 

  • Teaching dispensed by researchers who are at the cutting edge of their fields 

  • Personal tutors who support each student, to help them build a career plan that meets their aspirations, from the time they arrive at the School and throughout their period of study.   

  • Regular dialogue between student engineers and the teaching and administrative bodies 

  • Recognition of students’ commitments to extra-curricular activities


5 components in learning to learn

  • Sciences : fundamentals required for all roles and all industrial sectors
  • Engineering sciences: the technical and methodological know-how used by all engineers
  • Innovation : innovation, creativity, research, entrepreneurship are all at your disposal (6 students set up their own business during the last 5 years, creating 10 jobs)
  • Human and social sciences: developing and expressing your life skills (extra-curricular activities play a part here), acquiring the methodologies required for group work, international outreach (2 obligatory languages, and a possible 3rd), an international campus with 15 different nationalities present in 2013
  • Placements: 10 months minimum in total, spread over the 3 years: 1st year / 4 weeks, 2nd year / 16 weeks minimum, 3rd year / 20 weeks minimum


An enabling environment

A modern site, devoted to teaching

Centre de documentation

Centre de documentation, par csuderie

Fully-equipped classrooms, project rooms, rooms dedicated to active teaching, rooms for sharing teaching with other IMT schools... Here, the infrastructure adapts to the different teaching and needs.

You will have access to numerous on-site resources. The documentation center gives you access to a plethora of resources.

On leaving IMT Mines Albi, you will not know everything, and you will not know how to do everything. But you will have learnt how to update your knowledge, and find the information you need to do your job in industry. The documentation centre team and the research fellows will teach you how to do that.

Learning through contact with research and business

Apprenti Laboratoire

Apprenti Laboratoire, par csuderie

Scrutinise your metal sample through a scanning electron microscope, confirm your hypotheses on an industrial pilot, measure the energy footprint of the town with an infrared thermal camera... The research laboratories present on site are equipped with the latest technology.

You will have the chance to use research material for some of your student projects, and be able to rub shoulders with scientific theories that are still being elaborated, and with the recent knowledge emerging from research work.


Learning side-by-side with companies

In such a favourable environment for knowledge and research, everything is connected to the industrial world. Numerous partner companies come to IMT Mines Albi to work on finding practical solutions, for research contracts, or simply to organise events that bring their personnel or their network together.

Students also have many opportunities to work with companies, through the training placements or missions they offer, or by investing their energies in projects with Pro'Pulse, our business start-up association.

A technology incubator is also available for students to associate with start-up project leaders who are creating innovative new companies.


Our academic staff are innovating alongside you

La Minute Pédago épisode 1 : L' évaluation par les pairs, par csuderie


La minute Pedago épisode 2 : Dynamiser les amphis, par csuderie