Networks and partnerships

Privileged academic partnerships, in France and abroad, mean the school can welcome the world with promising strategic opportunities and great economic and professional potential.



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IMT Mines Albi is a member of the IMT, France’s leading group of engineering and management schools

11 engineering and management ‘grandes écoles’ make up the IMT (Mines Telecom Institute) group. The group’s strength is based on the complementary nature of its schools and their coherence, built on a shared vision :


  • training to serve company needs;
  • developing the economy and the regions
  • Contributing to innovation and entrepreneurship

These activities are deployed in the context of the great transitions of today: the digital, energy, industrial and educational fields.


The IMT: France’s leading group of engineering and management schools

Excellence in the schools’ education and research programmes

  • 12 publicly run ‘grandes écoles’ placed under the authority of the Minister of the Economy and Industry;
  • 12 600 students, which is a number comparable with the great American universities like MIT or Stanford ;
  • 4 220 diplomas awarded;
  • 90% of graduates will start their careers in with unlimited term contracts ;
  • A network of 60 000 alumni covering all economic sectors;
  • 2 080 A-ranked research publications contributing to scientific and technological progress. These guarantee that the teaching is state-of-the-art.
  • 9 070 partnerships with companies within the local ecosystem but also at national level thanks to the  IMT’s territorial grid

Set up by the public authorities to support the economic and industrial development of France as early as the 18th century, the IMT schools foster entrepreneurship and seed companies for technology projects: every year, more than 100 start-ups are supported in IMT school incubators.

The schools have put in place a wide variety of resources to increase their students’ awareness and understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The students benefit from numerous partnerships forged between the IMT schools and local and national innovation structures.

Beyond enterprise creation, these arrangements aim to train engineers and managers who know how to create value and how to innovate, so that they can bring companies the creativity they need to flourish.

The business-minded partnership research of the IMT schools feeds into the economy: this research has been recognised by 2 Carnot labels (Carnot M.I.N.E.S and Carnot Telecom & Digital Society), awarded as early s 2006 and renewed in 2011.

The academic excellence of IMT is widely recognised. In addition, the research fellows of the IMT schools have received numerous prizes and distinctions.

In the 3rd year of study, a choice of 12 ‘grandes écoles’

Engineering or management students of one IMT school can follow a 6-month course of study  in another of the group’s schools and thus deepen their knowledge of a subject not offered on their own campus, whilst still becoming graduates of their original school.

L’IMT, leader in work-study programmes in France

For over 25 years, the IMT and its schools have been fully committed to developing apprenticeships in higher education management studies and engineering sciences, training up in this way 10 % of French engineers each year.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are in the DNA of the schools of the


Carnot M.I.N.E.S Institute


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Labelled Carnot M.I.N.E.S. Institute (Méthodes INnovantes pour les Entreprises et la Société)

The goal of the Carnot Institutes is to develop partnership research with companies and to encourage innovation, through a strong presence across the country. Each Carnot Institute awards its label to research laboratories recognised for the quality of their research and for their innovative mindset in the service of business enterprise. All the laboratories of Mines Albi are participants, with those of their 5 sister schools and other partners (X and ENSTA labs) in the Carnot M.I.N.E.S Institute, the 5th largest Carnot Institute in France, behind the 3 institutes of CEA-TECH and that of the ONERA. This entitles them to receive upstream resourcing funds to launch research projects on particular topics conducive to renewing their scientific and technological skills.


Toulouse University


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IMT Mines Albi is an associate member of the Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées Federal University and is one of the 11 engineering schools that make up, among others, the University of Toulouse. 

  • 106 000 students, 7 100 researchers and research fellows located in numerous laboratories, some of which are world famous
  • 4 universities, 11 engineering schools (including Mines Albi), 6 institutes et schools
  • 6 Labex (Laboratories of Excellence, including the SOLSTICE project, led by the RAPSODEE research centre of  Mines Albi)
  • 11 Equipex (Equipment of Excellence, including GENEPI, equipment of excellence in biogasification, in which RAPSODEE participates)
  • 8 Carnot Institutes (including the research laboratories of the Mines-Telecom Institute)


Conference of ‘Grandes Écoles’


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True riches come from exchange and sharing It’s now been 40 years since the ‘Grandes Écoles’ came together in a common framework, inspired by shared issues and desires.

Objectives :

  • to develop internal information, mutual support and solidarity between members, the vast majority of whom are Directors of ‘Grandes Écoles’
  • to promote their schools, both nationally and internationally
  • to push ahead with new courses and develop new research
  • to take steps of mutual interest with public authorities


EULiST European Universities


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IMT Mines Albi, through its membership of the IMT Group, is a member of EULiST (European Universities Linking Society and Technology), the European University. The EULIST consortium aims to modernize higher education in Europe in a comprehensive and sustainable way. EULiST brings together partners specializing in engineering sciences, humanities and social sciences to develop new solutions adapted to the ecological transition and thus respond to the major socio-economic challenges of building a sustainable future together, with a strong emphasis on technology at the service of society and its transitions.


Multi-faceted academic partnerships

In addition to the different options and specialized subjects available through joining up with the Mines-Telecom Institute, IMT Mines Albi offers numerous double, joint or co-sponsored diplomas at masters level, through agreements with other higher education institutions.

The School offers a pharmacist/engineer double diploma, in partnership with 20 pharmacy faculties: Aix-Marseille, Amiens, Angers, Basel (Switzerland), Bordeaux II, Caen, Clermont-Ferrand 1, Dijon, Grenoble, Limoges, Montpellier, Nantes, Monastir (Tunisia), Paris Descartes, Paris Sud, Paris XI, Châtenay Malabry, Rennes 1, Strasbourg, Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, Tours.

It also offers an engineer/manager double diploma in partnership with the Clermont-Ferrand Business School and Telecom Management School in Evry.

Three masters can be awarded in partnership with :


International academic partnerships

Since its creation, international outreach has always been a genuine priority for IMT Mines Albi. Learning and command of English, significant experience abroad... the international permeation of its engineering students also comes from the presence of foreign students, through academic exchanges and the organising of international conferences. As a partner of internationally renowned universities on the 5 continents, the School offers a wide array of double diplomas

High level academic partnerships :

International outreach takes various forms, including partnerships with the universities across the planet. With the School’s integration in the Mines-Telecom Institute, opportunities for international exchange have ever been greater. IMT Mines Albi today offers periods of study abroad from 6 months to a year in the most prestigious academic institutions. To the United Kingdom for aeronautical studies at the University of Cranfield, to Milan’s  Politecnico for its expertise in industrial design, to Delhi for energy engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, to Montréal’s  École Polytechnique or to Shanghai to study at Tongji University, both being at the cutting edge of environment engineering.

An open doorway to the world, or to a double diploma :

Cosmopolitan by definition, IMT Mines Albi gives everyone the opportunity to broaden their cultural, professional and social horizons. Tempted by expatriation? Admission to IMT Mines Albi makes it possible to begin an international career at a very early stage, during one’s years of study. Eight double courses, in internationally famous academic institutions, are open to those students wishing to spend 2 years abroad :