VALTHERA platform

Located in the Albi Technopole, VALTHERA is a technological platform specialized in the development of high energy efficiency thermal processes for the valorization of biomass transformation residues and by-products. These abundantly available resources can be
valorized in the form of energy or value-added materials.

VALTHERA is certified by the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation cluster.

VALTHERA proposes a technological offer including thermal processes (drying, combustion,gasification, etc.) sometimes using a renewable energy source (solar). It also offers highperformance equipment for the treatment of emissions and various pollutants.

The platform's role is to disseminate information to companies, particularly small and medium-sized businesses wishing to carry out research & development initiatives, to demonstrate the feasibility of a project or to extrapolate a process.


valthera.jpg, par csuderie