8 halls of student residence are spread over 4 sites

  • Jarlard halls of residence located on the School campus
  • Albi city center:  Gambetta hall of residence
  • Albi city center:  Jacques Halfon hall of residence
  • Albi city center:  Temporalité hall of residence

The lodgings

All lodgings are furnished (desk, chair, stools, bed, table, fridge, closet...) and have unlimited internet access.

Their surface area, of approximately 18m², includes a bathroom and a kitchen area.

Every hall of residence has a laundry with washing machine and dryer, a TV room, and recreational areas.

The rent and utility charges

All lodgings open up rights to a housing allowance and rents include all utility charges: the unlimited internet access, electricity, water and the maintenance of common areas.
Individual apartment cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant.


An overview of our halls of residence

A free WIFI connection

If you enable wifi on your workstation, you will see 3 main networks:

  • Mines-Visitors Network
  • eduroam Network
  • Mines-Albi Network: connection reserved to members of the School

Learn how to access our wifi networks