The campus

 On the campus, students benefit from an area of more than 22ha, including 46 200 m² of reception and service infrastructure: documentation center, computer rooms, multimedia services, catering, gyms, green spaces... and only 5 minutes away from the center of Albi, with modern architecture to ensure the comfort of students to unwind in a green oasis.

IMT Mines Albi vue du ciel !, par csuderie

The campus in figures

  • 22 ha of campus
  • 46 200 m² of floor space
  • 1 lodging by student
  • an ‘energy-passive’ hall of residence
  • 5 minutes away from the city center
  • a students’ centre managed by the Student Office (BDE)
  • rugby and football fields, tennis courts
  • a multi-sport room
  • a weight-training room
  • 3 research centers
  • 5 innovation platforms ...

Discover the Jarlard 5 hall of residence

Résidence jarlard.jpg

Résidence jarlard.jpg, par csuderie

Inaugurated in 2016, Jarlard 5 is the latest hall of residence of the school with 60 lodgings. Now the school has 586 flats to house its students.

With energy and energy-efficient buildings being an integral part of the School’s research expertise, it was important that this new hall of residence should be ‘passive’ in terms of energy use. The building consumes 3 times less energy than a standard new hall of residence.

The School took advantage of the building work by using it as the basis for actual case studies. Some of the lodgings are even equipped to serve as a basis for practical work for the students. They will thus be able to measure the impact of their behaviour on energy consumption by learning eco-gestures.


 The innov’Action building: a space for students and innovative companies

Inaugurated in 2018, the “Innov'Action building” is house equipment for the school’s students to work on, but also a space dedicated to the Innov'Action’ incubator, the fablab (la FaBrique) and a co-working space. Built near the Innoprod technopolitan park, this building is a true symbol of the innovative spirit that rules at IMT Mines Albi.

This mutualised 1200 m² building is co-funded for half of the cost by the regional authorities as part of the ‘Plan État Région 2015-2020’ contract. It is labeled E3C1, Positive Energy and Low Carbon Footprint Building.


innovaction, par csuderie