Graduate engineering course

Type of diploma: Engineering

Required entry level: Preparatory classes or university degree

Field: Multi-disciplinary engineer


  • IMT Mines Albi trains general-purpose engineers capable of initiating and supporting innovation in business enterprises by their understanding of the multiple facets of large projects:

    • scientific and technological aspects
    • human, economic, social and environmental realities underpinning sustainable development

    Enrol at IMT Mines Albi and become an engineer: 

    • multi-disciplinary: Versatile, able to design and manage major multi-disciplinary projects and capable of  rich and varied career development
    • humanist: by following courses in social and human sciences and incorporating the humanist dimension into your working practices
    • innovative: by following courses in creativity and business creation
    • international: through a compulsory  period of study abroad of at least one term, with a choice of more than 60 foreign partner universities (not obligatory for foreign students)

    An ‘à la carte’ curriculum for diversified study pathways:

    • 9 options in 3rd year, related to the School’s fields of expertise
    • academic exchanges, with 300 possible courses available
    • adapted curriculum pathways: do you do high-level sport, or have a particular passion or innovative idea? Would you like to successfully complete your company start-up? The School will support you by giving you access to the key resources that will ensure the success of your studies and projects.
    • Double diplomas to broaden your  career pathway: 20 international double diploma  and 2 engineer-manager agreements

    The 9 options available in the 3rd year of the engineering course:


    The training is based on fields of application affecting the large industrial sectors:

    • Aeronautics
    • Energy
    • Environment
    • Health, including pharmacy
    • Transverse business applications (organisation, information systems management, etc.)

    The teaching includes:

    • placements and work in companies, which represents 1/3 of the training
    • experience abroad as part of the curriculum,
    • 2 compulsory foreign languages, and it is possible to study an optional 3rd  (including French Sign Language)



  • Programme ingénieur IMT Mines Albi

    Programme ingénieur IMT Mines Albi, par csuderie

    Discover the whole course programme for studies taught in French here.

    A three-year course

    First-year course programme (L3)

    The 1st year comprises a common-core teaching programme that aims to build the technical and scientific foundations as well as an understanding of the work of an engineer and of life in a company.
    A placement of at least three weeks as an operator is mandatory.

    Second-year course programme (M1)

    The second-year teaching programme consolidates the scientific, technical and economic foundations required by a multi-disciplinary engineer whilst also allowing personalization of the curriculum through optional courses.

    A placement of at least four months as an assistant engineer is mandatory at the end of the year.

    Third-year course programme (M2)

    The first term of the 3rd year is devoted to specialization in one of the four options.

    The second term of 3rd year involves carrying out a six-month end-of-study work placement in a company, working on a specific project to demonstrate the performance expected of an IMT Mines Albi engineer.

    9 major options to choose from, in keeping with our 4 fields of activity in 3rd year: 

    In the field of Eco-activity and Energy:

    • Energy resources, conversion and efficiency: Mastery of processes for energy and matter transformation , for the conversion of solar energy, or for the thermo-physical characterization of  high-performance materials
    • Energy-Plus Building: Proficiency in energy control in the construction field (thermal energy in buildings). Learning how to build energy-plus buildings.
    • Digital transition and energy: Understanding how the digital transition is affecting the energy sector, both in the technical and technological solutions involved and in its impact on the creation of new jobs and services.

    In the field of Bio-health engineering:

    • Agri-bio-health: engineering sciences and analysis of the operating parameters in production in terms of quality and safety in the agribusiness sector, which involves cooperation between worldwide companies and local small businesses.
    • Pharma Bio-Santé: engineering sciences and analysis of the operating parameters in production in terms of quality and safety in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector, with worldwide ambitions.

    In the field of Advanced Materials and Structures:

    • Aerospace and automobile engineering: Proficiency in implementation of materials for aircraft, rocket or automobile structures.
    • Imagining, designing, manufacturing and testing of structures: Analysis and management of forces, strains, deformations and displacements in structures and tooling.

    In the field of Industrial Engineering, Processes and Information Systems:

    • Industrial engineering: optimization of the global performance of industrial companies and organizations through product design, industrialization, production and the logistics chain.
    • Information systems engineering: study of the main mechanisms, specifically of development concepts regarding software, multimedia and network techniques that support  information and communication technology, and which are directly related to the distribution, presentation, treatment, analysis and storing of information.

    Consult the detailed programme of Teaching units (Syllabus)


    • International outreach

    Today, more than ever, international outreach is an essential aspect in the training of IMT Mines Albi’s future engineers.  The international mobility of student engineers, through placements in a company or for study semesters, is a compulsory part of the curriculum (stay of one term).
    Find out more.


    • Personalized training

    Speed dating MIA 2017

    Speed dating MIA 2017, par csuderie

    In addition, to enable each student engineer to personalize their training, numerous possibilities exist for academic exchanges , through the national and international networks that IMT Mines Albi is part of. Student engineers can, for instance, conduct their final year of study in one of the 13 schools of the Mines-Telecom Institute. This gives them access to a very wide range of options in addition to those offered by IMT Mines Albi..

  • La professionnalisation de nos futurs ingénieurs occupe une place importante de la démarche d'accompagnement mise en place à l'Ecole :

    Pour ce faire, nos élèves suivent des cours et des ateliers profesionnel tout le long du cursus :

    • définition du projet professionnel
    • technique de recherche d’emploi
    • préparation aux entretiens de recrutement
    • simulations d’embauche

    Des entretiens individuels permettant de faire le bilan des motivations et des actions menées sont organisés régulièrement au cours du parcours des élèves au sein de l’école.


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