Graduate engineering course

Type of diploma: Engineering

Required entry level: Preparatory classes or university degree

Field: Multi-disciplinary engineer


1st year
2nd year
3rd year


  • Producing, designing, improving and organizing a world in transition. 

    IMT Mines Albi trains engineers who are generalists, responsible, autonomous and drivers of sustainable transitions. The ecological and digital transitions and the factory of the future are a strong marker of IMT Mines Albi's identity.

    Become an IMT Mines Albi engineer with an à la carte curriculum and diversified career paths

    In student path, IMT Mines Albi offers 5 different options with 12 pathways.
    In work-study path, the school offers 3 different options.

    Renewable energies, sustainable production and construction

    2 pathways:

    • Sustainable buildings and cities
    • Clean conversion, distribution and production

    Pharmaceutical, agrifood and cosmetics processes

    2 pathways:

    • Production professions
    • R&D professions

    Advanced materials and processes for tomorrow's transportation

    4 pathways:

    • Behavior and implementation of metallic materials
    • Implementation and characterization of composite materials
    • Modeling and mechanical simulation for the resolution of technical problems
    • Instrumentation and advanced data analysis

    Industrial engineering for organisations’ performance (student path only)

    2 pathways:

    • Supply chain
    • Operational excellence

    Data engineering for information systems, and energy systems (student path only)

    2 pathways:

    • Information Systems Engineering
    • Energy and digital transition

    The training is based on fields of application affecting the large industrial sectors:

    • ENERGY

    Benefit from 300 possible courses thanks to academic exchanges. IMT Mines Albi also offers special courses if you are a top-level sportsman or woman, or if you have a passion, an innovative idea, or want to make your goal of setting up your own business a reality? The school will support you by giving you access to the keys that will enable you to succeed in your studies and your projects. If you'd like to expand your career path, we currently offer 34 international double-degree agreements and 2 engineer-manager programs.


  • How to enter the IMT Mines Albi engineering degree?
    These 3 kinds of admission are for students graduated from the French higher education system.

    If you are an international student,

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    A three-year course

    First-year course programme

    The 1st year comprises a common-core teaching programme that aims to build the technical and scientific foundations as well as an understanding of the work of an engineer and of life in a company.
    A placement of at least three weeks as an operator is mandatory.

    Second-year course programme

    The second-year teaching programme consolidates the scientific, technical and economic foundations required by a multi-disciplinary engineer whilst also allowing personalization of the curriculum through optional courses.

    A placement of at least four months as an assistant engineer is mandatory at the end of the year. You will choose your option from the second semester of the second year.

    Third-year course programme

    The first term of the 3rd year is devoted to specialization in one of the 5 options with the choice among the available pathways.

    The second term of 3rd year involves carrying out a six-month end-of-study work placement in a company, working on a specific project to demonstrate the performance expected of an IMT Mines Albi engineer.



    International outreach

    Today, more than ever, international outreach is an essential aspect in the training of IMT Mines Albi’s future engineers.  The international mobility of student engineers, through placements in a company or for study semesters, is a compulsory part of the curriculum (stay of one term).
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    Personalized training

    In addition, to enable each student engineer to personalize their training, numerous possibilities exist for academic exchanges, through the national and international networks that IMT Mines Albi is part of. Student engineers can, for instance, conduct their final year of study in one of the 13 schools of the Mines-Telecom Institute. This gives them access to a very wide range of options in addition to those offered by IMT Mines Albi..


    A career plan developed during your studies 

    The professionalization of future engineers is an important part of the support approach implemented at IMT Mines Albi.


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    To achieve this, engineering students follow professional courses and workshops throughout the curriculum:

    • defining a professional project
    • job search techniques
    • preparation for recruitment interviews
    • hiring simulations

    Individual interviews are organized regularly throughout the course of the student's time at the school, enabling them to take stock of their motivations and the actions they have taken.


    A dynamic network of graduates

    The IMT Mines Albi Alumni network is young, but already boasts over 5,000 graduates. Engineers, PhDs and Master's graduates support each other and share their experiences at monthly and annual events organized throughout France and internationally.