Soutenance de thèse de YANKUAN LIU

20 janvier 2021

YANKUAN LIU, par jfages

Soutenance de thèse YANKUAN LIU

Institut Clément Ader-Albi en collaboration avec Tianjin key laboratory of civil aircraft airworthiness and maintenance - Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC)

sur " Durability of atmospheric plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings doped with rare earths for thermal and structural diagnosis "

Mercredi 20 janvier - 10h00



Composition du jury


In aeronautics, exhaust emissions of aircrafts are the most significant source of pollution. Today the detrimental impact of aviation on environment is of utmost concern. This is particularly true as struggling against climate change is becoming an urgent issue for all activities, including transport. Among new ideas to get greener aircrafts, some investigate solutions to improve the efficiency of turbojet engine thus reducing NOx emission. This requires to increase the Turbine Inlet Temperature which is possible by protecting hot parts, namely turbine blades & combustion chambers, with Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC). Materials integrity & durability of such TBC must be controlled to allow reasonable temperature increase, prone to increase efficiency & guarantee satisfactory components service lives. The combination of phosphor thermometry and TBC technology permits to develop functional sensor coatings which have the advantage of providing accurate temperature measurement and hopefully structural defect diagnosis. The purpose of the thesis is to develop a new non destructive technique as a predictive maintenance tool assessing for the structural integrity of TBC.

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Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC)
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