Philippe Lours

Fonction : 
Directeur des affaires internationales
Téléphone : 
05 63 49 30 78

Professor Philippe LOURS   

Director of International Affairs

  • Professor Institut Mines Telecom - IMT Mines Albi
  • Materials Science Engineer
  • PhD in Solid State Physics
  • Former Post-Doc Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. (USA)


Philippe Lours is Professor at IMT Mines Albi. He is Director of the International Affairs at IMT Mines Albi.

HDR of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, Philippe Lours was awarded the rank of "chevalier dans l’ordre des palmes académiques" in 2009.

Philippe Lours conducts research and teaching at the University of Toulouse - IMT Mines Albi since 1995. He is also an Invited Professor at ISAE - SupAéro (Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace - Supaéro), at the University Paul Sabatier Toulouse, at the University of Transports of Science and Technology Hanoi (Vietnam) and has been appointed in 2016 adjunct professor at the University of Indonesia Jakarta (Indonesia) and in 2020 visiting-professor at the Civil Aviation University of China (Tianjin-China). In addion, he has been lecturing in several universities over the world, in the USA, China, Japan, Romania, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia and South Korea.

Graduated in Materials Science & Engineering at INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) and in Solid State Physics (1986), Philippe Lours defended his doctoral thesis on the plasticity of single crystal nickel based superalloys investigated by In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy in 1989. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. (Berkeley, USA) where he further specialised in Transmission Electron Microscopy including High Resolution and High Voltage TEM, he has held several positions of R & D engineer, process engineer and project engineer in the metal alloys industry in Toulouse, France (sputtering targets) and Montreal, Québec-Canada (shape memory alloys).

Full Professor at IMT Mines Albi where he has founded successively the Engineering Master program "Materials for Aeronautics & Space" (Matériaux pour l’Aéronautique et le Saptial) in 2003, the Engineering Master program "Advanced Materials & Mechanical Engineering" (Ingénierie des Matériaux Avancés et des Structures) in 2012, he is now head of the brand new international Master of Science "AeroMat-Innovation".

Author of more than 60 papers in international journals with peer review, book and book chapter, Philippe Lours has participated to more than 75 national and international conferences (Hindex Google Scholar 18). He is former director of the research team PUMMA (Enginering Properties & Microstructure of Advanced Materials) at Institut Clément Ader (UMR CNRS 5312). Director or co-director of nearly twenty PhD students, his research focusses on the relationship between the microstructure and the engineering properties of metallic materials and coatings with a particular attention on high temperature materials for aerospace applications (superalloys and thermal barrier coatings), aluminum alloys and steels. He has been a member of the directorship team of the PhD School "Aeronautics & Astronautics" for the last ten years.

Early 2016, Prof. Philippe Lours has published "Au cœur des matériaux cristallins", a textbook written in french for bachelor/master students in Materials Science & Mechanical Engineering, edited by "Les Presses des Mines" in both print (ISBN978-2-35671-370-4) and electronic format. In order to address more widely the international student community, the english version of the book, both text and electronic, is in preparation.