Diplômée du Master of Science SCALE promotion 2017


Diana Pinon Baca, diplômée du Master of Science SCALE

Introduce yourself, present your academic career, your experience and current job ?

My name is Diana Pinon. I am an Industrial Engineer and I have a Master’s in Supply Chain and Lean Management. I have over seven years of experience in various industries, from manufacturing to consulting services. I am currently a senior analyst in Boston Scientific in Boston.


Why did you choose IMT Mines Albi ?

The SCALE master’s program was appealing to me for being a double degree from a business and an engineering school. IMT Mines Albi has a great Industrial Engineering department, which I later joined for a 5-month internship and my dissertation research.


The skills / knowledge acquired at IMT Mines Albi which are useful to you today in your position?

I learned to thrive among different working cultures. The diversity at IMT Mines Albi taught me that there are a lot of ways to solve problems and different roads to get to a solution.


How do you use the alumni network? Did you maintain links with the school or other alumni?

I do not use it as much as I should, it would be nice to see if there are any alumni on my side of the world. I am still connected to a few professors and classmates.


Any anecdote about your time in school?

For some reason, I particularly remember the huge hallways. I loved attending an adaptive S&OP workshop and meeting the creator of S&OP at IMT Mines Albi. I also remember a team building kayaking activity we had, which was a lot of fun.


3 words to describe your training at IMT Mines Albi?

  • Professional,
  • rewarding,
  • fun.


If IMT Mines Albi were a song, which would it be?

Tough one, maybe Come Together by The Beatles.


Your favorite place in Albi? (museum, bars, restaurant, parks ...)

The area around the cathedral and near the river.


Open question, advice for current students, anything to add?

Enjoy the time you have at IMT Mines Albi! It goes so quickly. Get to know as many people as you can, you could make friends (or at least connections) for life.