U-Multirank 2020: IMT Mines Albi among the top ten of french universities

For the first time, IMT Mines Albi takes part of the U-Multirank world university rankings, introduced by the European Commission.

12 June 2020

U-Multirank criteria, a strict ranking

The U-Multirank world university rankings allows a complete comparison between European universities. Beyond this ranking, U-Multirank is an interactive tool that can generate strenghts of each university and compare each other.


u-multirank.jpg, par jfages

The big five criteria:

  • teaching & learning,
  • research,
  • knowledge transfert,
  • international orientation,
  • regional engagement.

IMT Mines Albi, in the top ten of french universities

The school is the 10th university among the 54 french universities, of highest number of A scores. It takes the 52th rank of highest number of A scores in Europe among 1070 universities. The U-Multirank world university rankings highlights the quality of our teaching and reaserch of our reaserch centers, in terms of research and interdisciplinary publications. The international orientation is also emphasized.

Have a look at the IMT Mines Albi ranking


multirank.png, par jfages

The school gets 12 times the highest score on the following criteria:

  • Teaching & Learning

    • Bachelor graduation rate
    • Graduating on time (bachelors)
    • Graduating on time (masters)
  • Research

    • Research publications (size-normalised)
    • External research income
    • Interdisciplinary publications
  • Knowledge Transfert

    • Co-publications with industrial partners
    • Publications cited in patents
    • Income from continuous professional development
  • International orientation

    • Foreign language master programmes
    • International academic staff
    • International doctorate degrees